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    Throughout Remnant 2, I struggled getting the dodge timing down for many enemies, and especially bosses. As it turns out, there was a way to get around my lack of skill in this department. This was by upgrading the dodge roll to Misty Step, allowing me to just get a better dodge than improving my skill. However, getting the Misty Step dodge was lot trickier than I expected.

    How to get Misty Step in Remnant 2

    Upgrading your dodge to Misty Step takes a bit of work, but it is very much worth it. This greatly enhances your ability to avoid damage, so I highly recommend taking the time to get it. That said, you’ll need to get your hands on some items. Here is what you need to do to get the Misty Step dodge in Remnant 2.

    • Get the Ring of Omens (Cathedral of Omens).
    • Get one of the following amulets:
      • Death’s Embrace
      • Full Moon Circlet
      • Necklace of Flowing Life
      • Ravager’s Mark
      • Red Doe Sigil
      • Talisman of the Sun
    • Equip the Ring of Omens and one of the above amulets.

    How to get the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2

    To get this ring, you must go to the Cathedral of Omens in Yaesha. You must also ensure that the Blood Moon is active. A red moon will be in the sky, and the area will have a pinkish-red glow. If you did not spawn in a Blood Moon, fast-travel to Ward 13 and return until you get a Blood Moon.

    Go to the central chamber of the Cathedral, the location where you will find the floating platforms. Pull the lever directly in front of the chamber’s entrance. Go to the lever to the right and pull that one four times. The door behind you should open. Inside, you normally find two chests, but with the Blood Moon active, a panel in the floor will slide open, revealing a third chest that contains the Ring of Omens.

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    How to get the Misty Step Amulets in Remnant 2

    Six amulets can be paired with the Ring of Omens to change your dodge roll to Misty Step in Remnant 2. Only one amulet needs to be worn in combination with the ring. Each one corresponds to an omen, which can be found in a journal. These are:

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    • The Sun
    • The Moon
    • Life
    • Death
    • The Doe
    • The Ravager

    How to get Death’s Embrace in Remnant 2

    When entering Yaesha for the first time, you will encounter the NPC, Bedel of the Vaunnt. You can purchase Death’s Embrace from him for 1,000 Scrap.

    How to get the Full Moon Circlet in Remnant 2

    You must head to the Imperial Gardens in Yaesha to get this amulet, and there must be an active Blood Moon. You will find a statue with a red plate on the floor in the area with the buildings. This plate will open during a Blood Moon to reveal a hidden chamber with the Full Moon Circlet.

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    How to get the Necklace of Flowing Life in Remnant 2

    This amulet is found in The Lament, an underground area in Yaesha. Due to the procedural generation of Remnant 2, the chance of this spawning is random. However, look for a small rectangular room with a lone sarcophagus you can loot. Behind it and to the right will be an illusionary wall.

    Walk through it and drop into the water below. Be careful as you progress; there are arrow traps that will instantly kill you. Be sure to open the shortcut door located on the side before heading into the sprawling area. Explore this location fully, and you will find the Necklace of Flowing Life and the Tomb Dweller’s Ring.

    How to get the Ravager’s Mark in Remnant 2

    At the end of Yaesha, you will encounter the Ravager, the final boss. When given a choice to kill the doe, put it out of its misery to claim the Ravager’s Mark.

    How to get the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2

    You must go to the throne room of Yaesha’s Red Throne area. Here, you must cooperate with the Eternal Empress, selecting the “Kill the beast. What could be easier?” dialogue option. Progress until you reach the Widow’s Court.

    Explore this area until you find a building with a stairwell leading down. Follow this and jump across the first gap and then the second, which leads you behind a waterfall. Progress further down until you hit the water you must wade through. Be sure to grab the Tarnished Key in the waterfall, as this will be important for another quest in the game.

    Head to the end of the corridor and find the fancy chest. Across from this is another illusionary wall. Go through and take the elevator up. Enter the room and grab the Ornate Lockbox. Continue to the balcony and drop off to the left onto the lower platform. Then, drop down to the lower level. Explore the courtyard and look for the body of a guard carrying the Ornate Key. Do not open the lockbox.

    Return to the Red Throne and Eternal Empress. Speak to her, selecting the “I have questions” option, followed by “I think this might belong to you.” You will give her the lockbox and key. Continue the dialogue, choosing cooperative or polite options until she rewards you with the Red Doe Sigil.

    How to get The Talisman of the Sun in Remnant 2

    This can be found in the Expanding Glade or the Forgotten Field, both of which are found in Yaesha. You can find a floating island chain at the end of these locations. There, you will find a statue with a chest containing The Talisman of the Sun.

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