Remnant 2 Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle Walkthrough


    My friends and I encountered many different puzzles that offered us a break from the intense combat and boss fights while playing Remnant 2. Most are not difficult, but some can be a real head-scratcher because they’re not intuitive. I recently came across a spiral tower called the Chime Puzzle in Endaira’s End, and it got me thinking for a while. If you need clarification about how to solve this puzzle in Remnant 2, we have made a guide to help you.

    How to solve the Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in Remnant 2

    To successfully solve the Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in the spiral tower in Renant 2, you must stand on the different symbols in the correct order. Every symbol makes a different chime, but the game gives you no immediate clue in which order to do it, which initially confused me. Exploring the courtyard, I found a hidden drop-down behind the broken wall section on the courtyard’s right side by the waterfall. Descend and enter the room to discover a book containing the chime symbols.

    Solving the first part of the Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in Remnant 2

    The book in the secret room will contain two pages, with the first page reading the solution to the first part of Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in Remnant 2.

    • Approach the tower and climb the stairs to find the first symbol, which looks like three waterdrops.
    • Approach the threshold and step on the symbol. You will notice some green sparks coming up from the vent at the bottom. This denotes that the symbol has been activated.
    • Descend down to find the next symbol that looks like a single dot with a waterdrop. Activate the symbol as before.
    • You will find the next symbol at the very bottom of the tower. It’s a similar waterdrop with two dots instead of one, turned upside down.
    • The last symbol you must activate is the first symbol from the sequence. Once you activate the last symbol, you will notice a strobing green light.
    • Come back to the courtyard to claim the Wind Hollow Circlet from the pedestal that appears after the correct sequence completion.

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    Solving the second part of the Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in Remnant 2

    There is a second part of the Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in Remnant 2, and you must invite one of your friends to solve it. Go back to the secret room and inspect the book on the table again. There will be a second set of symbols on the other page, and both you and your friend will have to step on each set of symbols to solve it. You won’t have to be super-precise to do it, but I advise being on Discord with your friend, just in case.

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