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    Destiny 2 The Final Shape is the final chapter in what Bungie refers to as the ‘Light and Darkness Saga’. Destiny 2 may continue beyond it, but the current story will conclude with the next expansion. The Final Shape is getting a proper reveal later this year, and we have all the details on the expansion game so far.

    Here is everything we currently know about Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

    Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Potential release window

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    No release window has been confirmed for Destiny 2 The Final Shape, but Destiny players can come to some conclusions based on the history of the game’s expansions. First of all, expansions are yearly, and the most recent expansion Lightfall did indeed kick off a year of new content.

    While Destiny expansions used to launch between September and November, certain unavoidable world events caused delays resulting in the new expansion month becoming February. The last two expansions have both launched in late February, and that trend is likely to continue.

    While we cannot say anything for certain, it seems safe to say that Destiny 2 The Final Shape will most likely launch in late February or potentially early March of 2024.

    Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Destiny Showcase

    The promotional image at the end of the teaser trailer, showing the details for the Destiny showcase

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    The Final Shape was announced several years ago to be the final expansion in the current story, but little was said about it until the PlayStation Showcase 2023 on May 25. During this, we got a glimpse of what’s to come in the teaser trailer.

    Fans eager to know more were also given a date to put in their calendars. A Destiny showcase will take place on August 22, where more about The Final Shape will be revealed. The showcase will likely be streamed across Youtube and Twitch. An exact time has not yet been revealed, but we will update once it is known.

    Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Trailers

    Cayde reappears in the first trailer for the Final Shape

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    The first trailer for The Final Shape was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase 2023. The trailer shows Ikora recounting the events of the last few years to a reborn Cayde-6.

    As Cayde points out that they have no idea where they are, they are revealed to be in a lush world of greenery and rivers. Looming overhead is the triangle-shaped portal that the Witness opened in the Traveller, seemingly implying that they have travelled to wherever that portal leads.

    Destiny 2 The Final Shape: What we know so far

    We’ve collated bits and pieces of information about The Final Shape since Lightfall dropped, and even before then.

    The Final Shape showcase will reveal new weapon subfamilies, Bungie has promised, but we’re not sure what they’ll be just yet.

    They’ve also teased big changes to the game’s progression system.

    “In The Final Shape, we’re making big changes to the progression system that will help to connect even more players and remove barriers keeping friends from taking on the same content together,” the August State of the Game reads.

    Destiny 2 The Final Shape Progression System tease

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    Players can expect seasonal content to follow The Final Shape, with Bungie moving its targeted changes to Ritual content into the expansion, as opposed to Season 23.

    The devs have also revealed updates are coming for the Gambit in the year of The Final Shape, but haven’t revealed what those are just yet.

    That is everything we currently know about Destiny 2 The Final Shape. For more useful info, check out our list of Destiny 2 promo codes to get yourself some free emblems and shaders.


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