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    You’ll need to know the recommended level and how to find the Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred dungeon, as it’s the most challenging dungeon currently in the game and a test of all the skills you’ll have built up over your playthrough.

    Diablo 4 features a World Tier system that allows players to move onto new difficulties during the endgame and increase their level further. These also unlock new dungeons that scale in difficulty, such as Echo of Hatred, which features the hardest boss fight in the game against an Echo of Lilith.

    So, if you want to hit the zenith of your dungeoning career, check out how to find Echo of Hatred in Diablo 4.

    What is the recommended level for Echo of Hatred in Diablo 4?

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    The recommended level for the Echo of Hatred dungeon in Diablo 4 is at least level 90 if you want to have a chance of beating the boss and getting your rewards. This also means you’ll need to be in World Tier 4. Otherwise, you can’t access it.

    The Echo of Lilith you’ll fight in this dungeon is level 100, so you’ll preferably want to reach the max level before giving it a go, but you’ll still have a chance if you’re a little under her level.

    How to find Echo of Hatred in Diablo 4 

    the Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred location on the world map

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    You can find Echo of Hatred Diablo 4 right next to the Nevesk Waypoint in Fractured Peaks (marked on the map above).

    This is also the area you entered Sanctuary right at the beginning of the game, with the dungeon itself located in the church where you first will have seen Lilith during a cutscene.

    an image showing how to access the Echo of Hatred dungeon in Diablo 4

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    Interact with the red petals you’ll find on the floor, and you’ll be transported to the dungeon. From there, walk down the long path ahead, and you’ll be thrust into the fight against the Echo of Lilith. 

    That’s all for our breakdown of the Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred, and now you know the recommended level along with how to find it.

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