Rec Room PvP Tips and Tricks

Rec Room PvP Tips and Tricks

Easy ways to get an edge in paintball, laser tag, and just pvp in general in Rec Room.

Basic Tips

Welcome to my guide, I hope you find this helpful.

To start,

  • If in VR, be sure you are in a good spot to easily reload your gun.
  • Prefire, prefire, prefire. Almost all the ranged weapons take time for the bullet to reach the target. Shoot where the enemy is gonna be, not where he is.
  • Use the environment. Hide behind barriers, dodge between trees, climb over walls.
  • Know your weapon. This is very important. Paintball Shotguns are crap at anything but close-quarters. Laser Railguns need a clear shot because the enemy will see where the shot came from if you miss.
  • Communicate with your team. None likes the guy who knows what’s going on but never tells anyone.


Okay, so you joined a game, found a few guns lying around, and spotted a player of the other team. Your next move? Well you pickup the nearest gun, and start unloading at them, how hard it?? But wait, you missed and they saw you. Good job buddy, you just got killed. Next time? Try these tips!!

  • Don’t underestimate the paint pistol. Very precise, and with a bit of practice, can be used very effectively.
  • Duel wield. 2 paint pistols, shotgun+sniper, burst rifle+grenade launcher, whatever. Twice the damage, twice the amount of paint flying left and right, twice is the number of times your enemy will think about attacking you.
  • Don’t stop moving. Strafe left-right to make a harder target. Duck at random intervals. Dive behind barrels. Trust me, this will make all the difference when close to the enemy team’s base.
  • Keep the big picture in mind. Capture the flag means capture the flag, not go on a killing spree and leave your flag to get snatched by that idiot with no brains who does’t deserve it.
  • Don’t be the guy who grabs the only sniper rifle in the map just to run headlong into enemy territory and into close quarters combat. Nobody likes him.
  • Grenades are underused. Pick it up, drop it, pick it up again, and yeet it underarm at where the target is headed. This is called Cooking The Grenade So That When It Lands It Blows Up Instantly Instead Of Sitting On The Ground Forever. Also if you have the chance, throw it at where the other team’s grenades spawn, there will be 2 or 3 that can all get armed at once if you get them in the blast radius.
  • Sniping is best used in team battle. Yes it is a great way to make kills, but also a great way to get your flag taken. When used carefully, sniping can yeld impressive results.

Laser Tag

Laser tag uses many of the same strats as paintball, with a few notable changes.

  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAMMATES. I can’t stress this enough. Your team can hear what you are saying no matter where, so go scouting and yell about where the enemy’s going.
  • Don’t forget to revive. After you get killed, you have about 5 seconds of time where, if you get a high-five, you will come back to life to fight another day. High-five your team when they get killed.
  • Focus your fire. If there are 3 enemies after you, pick them off one at a time. Go for the one with the best gun. Don’t get overwhelmed.
  • This goes with the last tip, overwhelm your enemy. The goal is points, and points come from kills. So get a teammate, and go chasing after the enemy loner and hey look, +10 points.
  • Bots are free points. They run at you, fire in your general direction, and run closer. They only take a few shots and if you are smart, you can get almost as many points from bots as you would from players.
  • Don’t go strutting around swinging “your” power weapon around intimidating players. You’ll get shot. Fire it only when you need to, and you will be targeted by the other team. Everyone wants the power weapon.
  • So if your about to get killed while you have said power weapon, fire at random just to run out of ammo. If you can’t have it, neither can they.
  • Reloading takes time. Time your shots, and you can kill a player in one mag from the pistol.
  • Aim for the head (or screen if they are a bot). Quicker points, less time for the enemy for react.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Rec Room PvP Tips and Tricks that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank TheDiamondKiwi. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.