Reactor Tech² How To Start Power Unit To Generate Power

For those of you that haven’t been able to even start generating power at the beginning of the game (like I did), here are some steps to get your first power unit up and running.

Start your first power unit

1.- Begin your game (simplified mode), before pressing the play button on the top right side of the screen, builld your power station through the build menu on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Anywhere will do since the available space has the necessary utilities connected.

2.- Get fuel, either buy 50 wood from the lower right screen resource menu or cut down the forest with the dynamite-like button that’s on the build menu just after the resource one.

3.- Research the only available tech at this point from the pause menu (ESC key), it’s just above the start icon: Artisanal Assembly. Assign resources to the research team, since without that you won’t progress even if you started the research. The assign resources interface is on the same screen, max it out with the plus button.

4.- On the master control panel (lower-center part of the screen) increase heat to 100 and water to 75. Now press the play button on the top-right corner of the screen.

5.- Once the research is complete and your power station built, add one boiler and three tubines to the only available sector on your power station (lower-right menu) through the gear-plus button. Click the on/off button on the master control panel. You should see the master control panel indicator for heat and water go up.

6.- You’re basically done generating power at this point. You’ll be getting around 2.1GW with this method, you can start accepting contracts that are 1.5-1.8GW, do so before the power meter of the main control panel gets to max. If it gets to max and you continue to generate power, you’ll bust your power unit. The power meter represents the amount of stored energy, so you can play with it to accept higher gigawatt contracts (stored power + generated power). Also keep an eye on the resource menu, if you run out of fuel, well…

Personal note: The lack of documentation and steep difficulty scaling make this game more frustrating than fun (unless you’re an electrical engineer, I guess), so good luck!

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