Raven’s Home’s 100th Episode Celebrates Disney Channel History


The following contains spoilers for Raven’s Home Season 5, Episode 19, “Keeping It 100,” which aired Friday, October 14 on Disney Channel.

the house of the raven recently celebrated its 100th milestone, a milestone also reached by the main series, It’s so Raven, in 2007. With the Season 6 renewal already announced, the spin-off series’ lasting impact on the Disney Channel is far from over. The historic episode pays homage to the Raven-Symoné path and It’s so Raven paved over the past 19 years while looking to the future the house of the raventhe future From practical production nods to accented callbacks and wonderful cameos, “Keeping It 100” doesn’t miss a beat.

Raven Baxter is an integral part of the Disney Channel’s pinnacle story and has been ever since. It’s so RavenRaven-Symoné’s debut in 2003. Raven-Symoné has appeared as the main character in other series on the channel, including game-changing crossovers like “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.”

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Beyond those guest appearances, Raven-Symoné has played Raven Baxter for 200 episodes over the course of It’s so Raven Y the house of the raven. That impressive stat doesn’t include an appearance in the franchise’s first spin-off, Cory’s house. “Keeping It 100” does double duty to celebrate the house of the raven‘s triumphs and delve into their narratives while looking back It’s so RavenThe undeniable presence of Disney Channel. Most importantly, the episode honors the original series as the basis of the split.

A well-planned meta-story about Bayside High School’s centennial celebration creates the perfect opportunity for hindsight and foresight. With that, the house of the raven weaves in a tribute to It’s so Raven‘s season 1, “To See or Not to See”, where, this time, Raven’s son Booker takes on the lead role. He considers the shock of his visions when his friends, such as Raven in the early 2000s, tell Booker that they don’t want to participate in his visions. Also, Mykal-Michelle Harris, who plays Raven’s cousin Alice, deepens her connection to It’s so RavenThe story of through clever flashback. Both narrative tools express a strong sense of humor and an understanding of a multi-generational audience.

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Raven’s Home looks back at That’s So Raven

the house of the raven doesn’t need a high school celebration to bring Chelsea and Raven together for the first time since last season. Instead, the return of Anneliese van der Pol allows the spin-off series to bring up some of Raven’s most memorable visions, from one involving a giant pizza to the very first. The flashback revisiting the first vision of her stars Mykal-Michelle Harris as Raven, with a change in It’s so RavenThe original 4:3 aspect ratio and a tint on the camera lens familiar from the early 2000s. The flashback also features younger versions of Victor, Chelsea, Alana, and presumably Muffy and Loca.

The hilarious and heartfelt flashback doesn’t just give Raven’s visions an origin story; does the same with her catchphrase, “Oh, snap!” Plus, she stands by Booker’s story and continues to pass that baton as Booker learns that talking about her visions can be hard, but at the end of the day. the house of the raven keep on giving It’s so Raven new character arcs, such as a new era of frenemies for Raven and Alana, while elevating characters created for the spin-off series that connect to the past, such as Alana’s daughter Cami.

“Keeping It 100” loses some key players from It’s so Raven Y the house of the raven‘s (Raven’s daughter Nia, for example), but this milestone captures the magic of both series with familiar faces and places. Whether it’s in the Baxter family home or the air vents of Bayside High, this episode knows what it needs to do to appeal to its wide audience and it works flawlessly. the house of the raven is self-referential with a nod to the failed romantic adventure between Alana and Lazlo, and offers a It’s so Raven Deep cut with a shout out to Raven’s former boss, Donna CaBonna. It’s about the history and future of the Disney Channel.

New episodes of Raven’s Home air Fridays at 9/8c on Disney Channel.

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