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    Rainbow Royale is a special limited-time event designed to draw attention to Pride in Fortnite. Rainbow Royale is a time to celebrate love, understanding, acceptance, and honour all LGBTQIA+ individuals in the Fortnite community. Take a seat on the Rainbow Royale Battle Bus and prepare for another fun-filled Fortnite Rainbow Royale.

    Fortnite Rainbow Royale: Rainbow Crossroads

    Rainbow Crossroads is a special Creator-Made Island with a focus on Pride in Fortnite

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    Rainbow Crossroads debuted in Rainbow Royale 2022, and now it’s back for 2023! While there aren’t any Quests this time, this beautiful island still has plenty to offer. If you need to earn XP in Creator-Made Islands, for example, you can do that on Rainbow Crossroads!

    Rainbow Crossroads is the perfect spot for Fortnite players to hang out, play minigames, and express themselves. You can find Rainbow Crossroads on the Discover Page or by entering the Island Code: 0487-8528-5944.

     Fortnite Rainbow Royale: Cosmetics

    Don't forget to grab all the free Rainbow Royale cosmetics in the Fortnite Item Shop

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    Fortnite’s third annual Rainbow Royale introduces a slew of new and old Pride-themed cosmetics to the Item Shop. Best of all, these items don’t cost a single V-Buck! Check out the Item Shop by August 24, 2023, to add these cosmetics to your Locker.

    The Big Fan Emote and the Beautiful ‘Bow Emoticon are brand-new to the game with Rainbow Royale 2023, but everything else in the Rainbow Royale tab of the Item Shop was initially released in either the 2021 or 2022 iterations of Rainbow Royale. Regardless, below is a complete list of all the free cosmetics up for grabs in Rainbow Royale 2023:

    • Big Fan Emote
    • Beautiful ‘Bow Emoticon
    • Say It Proud Lobby Track
    • Every Heart Emoticon
    • Rainbow Royale 2021 Loading Screen
    • Mazy and the Echoes Loading Screen
    • Prismatic Keepsakes Spray
    • The Dip Emote
    • Take A ‘Bow Emote
    • Wild Rainbow Wrap
    • Vibrant Heart Spray
    • Vibrant Boogie Spray
    • Vibrant Llama Spray
    • Vibrant Star Spray

    That’s 14 items altogether that you can get for absolutely nothing! There’s no excuse not to show your Pride in Fortnite.

     Fortnite Rainbow Royale: Rainbow Radio

    Rainbow Radio features tunes from LGBTQIA+ artists

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    Hop in a Nitro Drifter and turn the music up because Rainbow Radio is on the air! During Rainbow Royale 2023, change the station to Rainbow Radio to hear tunes from LGBTQIA+ artists like Lil Nas X and Lady Gaga.

    There’s no better way to celebrate Pride in Fortnite than with Rainbow Royale. Join in on the festivities and collect all the free Rainbow Royale-themed items from the Item Shop by August 24, 2023!

    You can earn amazing rewards if you manage to find all three hidden cars in the Fortnite x 7-Eleven crossover



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