R-Type Final 2 All Hidden Ship Passwords

All the passwards for all the hidden ships in R-type Final 2

What is available At the moment

There are currently 4 known Passward hidden ships, 2 of them are not released yet as of October 16, 2021.

1 password is PS4 Exclusive.

This will be updated once the full roster is completed.


Password: loveandpeace


Password: granzella

#59 TP-3 Mr. HELI

Password: mrheli [PS4 Exclusive]

[Do not have screenshot for this Ship]


Password: Not yet Released


-Have all 99 ships crafted.

[Do not have a screenshot of this ship]


R-type Final is still under “early access” and have not yet released all of it content, eventually everything will come out and this guide will be update for the remaining 2 ships and any more ship in the future that require a password.

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