Punisher 2099 and Miles Morales’ Deathlok Homage an Iconic X-Men Cover


wonderfully Savage Avengers the series pays homage to an iconic X Men coverage in 2023.

Savage Avengers is a title that centers around a team of Marvel’s most dangerous and deadly heroes. Revealed by the January 2023 solicitations for Marvel Comics, artist Giuseppe Camuncoli’s main cover for Savage Avengers #9 is illustrated as an homage to the John Byrne and Terry Austin artwork that graces the 1980 cover the x-men #141. While the classic cover features Wolverine and Kitty Pride in front of a wall of wanted posters, the Savage Avengers the cover swaps the two with Punisher 2099 and Spider-Man Miles Morales’ Deathlok variant.

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  • DAVID PEPOSE (W) • CHARLES THE GREAT (A) • Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli
  • In the year 2099, humanity fell against Ultron’s Machine Empire, and the Savage Avengers are the last casualties! Now on the run from an army of super-powered cyborgs, Punisher 2099 and Deathlok must put their differences aside if they hope to prevent Ultron from transforming the future into his own terrifying image. Can the Savage Avengers reclaim a bit of humanity before it’s too late, or will Marvel’s most dangerous heroes become tomorrow’s deadliest predators? Plus: Doom 2099’s Last Stop!
  • 32 PGS./Parent Advisory…$3.99

Marvel To Release Classic Tribute Covers In 2023

Coincidentally, this is not the only cover tribute from X Men #141 which Marvel will release in January. The company will release a series of classic homage variant covers throughout the month, with artist Jen Bartel’s to marauders #10 also recreates Byrne and Austin’s work and swaps Wolverine and Kitty Pride’s modern attire, such as Pride’s swashbuckling cloak. marauders outfit. Other variants will recreate iconic covers from stories like “Spider-Man No More!” and “The Death of Elektra”, the full list includes: Amazing Spider-Man #17, Amazing Spider-Man #18, gold goblin #3, Poison #fifteen, Scarlet Witch #1, invincible iron man #two, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #two, Monica Rambeau: Photon #two, avengers #64, avengers forever #13, sins of sinister #1, X-Force #36, Immortal X-Men #10, marauders #10, x men red #10, Glutton #29, X-Treme X-Men #3, Fantastic four #3, Spiderman #4, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8, Captain America: Symbol of Truth #9, Black Panther #13, captain marvel #Four. Five, Weird #10, Ghost Rider #10, moon knight #19 and Reckless #7.

X Men Issue #141 is part of the fan-favorite “Days of Future Past” story from Marvel Comics. “Days of Future Past” introduced readers to a dystopian future for the Marvel Universe in which the world is overrun by mutant-hunting Sentinels and mutants are imprisoned in concentration camps. This served as the inspiration for the 2014 film. X-Men: Days of Future Pastthat merged the first and second halves of the X Men film franchise by involving actors from both, such as Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Charles Xavier and actor James McAvoy playing the hero’s younger, recast counterpart.

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Marvel’s Savage Avengers, Explained

as for Savage Avengers, the latest series started in May 2022, his team consists of Conan the Barbarian, Deathlok, Daredevil Elektra Natchios, Black Knight, Weapon H, Agent Anti-Venom, Cloak and Dagger. The first arc of the title saw Deathlok chasing after Conan before remembering his past as Miles Morales, the other heroes defending Conan after they were sent back in time to the Hyborian Era. With Marvel choosing not to renew Conan’s rights, the arc ended with the barbarian in his home time period, while the rest of the Savage Avengers ended in the year 2099 to meet the Punisher of the time, Jake Gallows.

Savage Avengers #9 is written by David Pepose and illustrated by Charles the Great. In addition to the Camuncoli cover, artist Kyle Hotz has created a variant cover for the issue, due out January 11, 2023 from Marvel Comics.

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