PUBG Taego Secret Room Locations


    The Taego map in PUBG: Battlegrounds has several improved features when compared to older maps like Erangel and Miramar. One such gameplay attribute includes secret rooms containing some rare, high-tier loot that has helped me win battles and survive longer on the battlefield. Here’s how to access these hidden locations in Taego.

    Secret Room Locations in Taego PUBG

    Image via KRAFTON

    The shelf containing elite loot items can only be accessed using a special key. Secret keys are limited in number and spawn randomly across the map, so consider yourself lucky if you find one. Although they can be difficult to acquire, make sure to check every major building and death box.

    Once you have the key, head over to one of the 12 locations where the secret rooms can be found. Reddit user u/Froddoyo has highlighted all the different secret room locations on the Taego map.

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    Image via KRAFTON

    Getting access to loot items behind the shelf gives you an edge over your opponents. That’s because the loot is high-tier, extremely valuable, and sufficient for your entire squad. The secret room may contain items such as air-drop weapons like the AUG and the AWM, attachments, ammunition, Self-AED, health items, boost items, throwables, and more.

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