PSN has been down on Surface This December 25 as users are sluggish


    As long as Sonys PlayStation Network is having trouble for many gamers, this December 25 mr. the problem is not so serious that it’s affecting downloading games, connecting to internet servers, etc.

    NPS Down Now This December 25, 2022:

    What are the responsibilities of providing the staff with the best resources?

    While I could enter the network using my consoles, one of them, currently playing with the other system at home, can no longer boot and receive the title as it is still difficult to verify the licenses. Users may receive the following message when trying to boot a title that needs a license verified.

    Can’t use this content. Cant connect to the server to test your license. Wait a few seconds, and try again.

    If you enable [Console Sharing and Offline Play] on this PS5, you can use your content even when the server isn’t available. To activate this setting, select [Settings] and [Users and Accounts] and [All] on the left. For more details about teleporting and console sharing, visit the user guide.

    This is not the only thing that’s happening to game sharing users, too. But many purchases on the network seem to be all wrong. We suggest you don’t commit to making purchases until the issue has been resolved.

    So stay alert and monitor the PSN uptime, even if the service is on its own.


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