Project Playtime – How to play Huggy Woggy.



    After about a week of using Huggy, experimenting with different strategies, and testing subversions, today I bring you the definitive guide to Huggy Woggy.

    Guide to playing Huggy Woggy

    The basics

    For starters, if you want to play Huggy, save your sprint ability! I don’t think many people know this, but it actually doubles as an instakill (fun fact: the devs actually broke the tutorial because Huggy’s instakill was removed at one point) now. Huggy’s basic mechanics are very simple, you use mini-hugs, attacks, and sprint attacks to track the locations of survivors, either by placing them in doorways or puzzles. Your main attack is self-explanatory, and your Instakill can be used while sneaking or stalking. Survivor So, Huggy’s basic gameplay loop is as follows:

    • Give a mini hug.
    • Find a survivor.
    • Kill the survivor with either a critical attack or an instakill.
    • Drop the survivor into the pit.
    • Mini-huggy found a survivor.
    • Find a survivor.
    • Kill the survivor with either a critical attack or an instakill.
    • Repeat.

    Mini Huggies

    Our fuzzy little friends here (despite being called useless by many) are actually one of huggy’s greatest strengths, in monster games, finding and locating survivors is half the battle. There is, and the little huggies help a lot with that, allowing you to find survivors without them failing a puzzle. Now, the main reason these allies are bad is that they can never find survivors, I can see why these people are saying that, but the problem isn’t really the huggers. Can’t find survivors: Where is it? keep them. The best places for these little guys are mostly in the hallways, although puzzle towers are also viable, the hallways make it so the survivors have to either take alternate routes, leaving the survivors solves the puzzle significantly slower, or immediately knowing that Huggy’s shock has to be picked up. where are they And towers can make it so that surviving monsters can’t complete their puzzles without immediately knowing where they are.

    Kill the survivors

    Although seemingly simple, survival chases can be incredibly strategic and precise at times. Finding survivors is easy enough if you know how to use the mini-hugs, but actually killing them is the real challenge. To begin with, make sure to use your Instakill whenever possible, never use it to gain distance unless the survivor is using a crash door, in which case you should use your Sprint must be used, or the chase is basically over. However, in some cases, crash gates can be useless for survivors, as you can only take an alternate route and meet the survivor when the paths intersect between the alternate route and the main blocked route. can. Pacing is also very important, some chases where the monster usually loses the player to the monster killing the player.


    Sabotage basically removes any trouble for monsters, players run away when they see you? Use the living nightmare sabotage! You’re going to lose a player because you have to drag another one into the pit? Use the feeding frenzy sabotage! Crash Door Spammer? Lockdown! Now, while there are many great choices for Huggy, the best for his particular playstyle is a Feeding-Frenzy sabotage that ultimately allows for fast-paced gameplay and multiple kills at once. can unlock its full potential. However, if you have trouble with any of the other issues mentioned earlier, use another subversion if the tradeoff seems worth it.

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