Project Party is Lilith Games’ entry into the life sim genre.

    • Project Party is a new life simulation just announced by Lilith Games.
    • Promising a combination of the familiar Life Sim and in-game socializing, it will also come with a packaged game editor.
    • You’ll be able to enjoy experiences from shooters to horror and more, Lilith promises.

    Lilith Games, creator of AFK Arena, has announced its new title. Project Party. A combination of life sim and game editor with the opportunity to integrate user-generated content and other experiences.

    A quick glance at the trailer is usually enough of a start, before taking a hard right turn into zombie apocalypse and horror gameplay, similar to the kind of life-sim gameplay we see in other games like Play Together.

    It seems Lilith Games is eager to show what Project Party is doing to combine traditional, Animal Crossing-esque gameplay with the ability to enjoy the other experiences they include.

    Come together?

    And yes, like we said we see more than a few shades of Play Together in this one. But Lilith Games is a developer with plenty of pedigree, and we’re interested to see how all of the promised user-generated content and a packed game editor will appeal to players.

    [Insert trailer here]

    Certainly, we’d imagine that Project Party will live or die by how user-friendly these tools are. But if, as the trailer promises, you can jump from building a house to socializing in-game to a horror and even zombie apocalypse shooter, we can’t imagine anyone turning their noses up at Project Party. can

    We don’t have a current release date or confirmed devices other than PC and mobile yet, so Android and iPhone users watch this space!

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