Project Mugetsu PM Best Clans Tier List


    While playing the Project Mugetsu Roblox title, there are several options to choose from. One of the most important choices is deciding whether to be a Soul Reaper or a Hollow, the two races available, but there are other options as well. One is spinning for your clan. With many clans to choose from and each with different benefits, you may be wondering which are the best clans in Project Mugetsu.

    Every Clan In Project Mugetsu, Ranked

    Level Clan
    S Urahara, Kurosaki
    TO Kuchiki, Yamamoto, Kyoraku, Uryu
    B. Hitsugaya, Hisagi, Ichimaru, Shihoin, Unohana
    C. Iba, Kira, Hirako, Ushoda, Amagi, Sarugaki, Valkyrie
    D. Dokugamine, Sado, Inoue, Ginjo, Kutsuzawa, Tsukishima, Shishigawara, Yukio, Kotetsu, Muguruma, Yadomaru
    my common clans

    The best clans in Project Mugetsu

    The best clans in Project Mugetsu will be the urahara and kurosaki clans, followed by the Kuchiki, Yamamoto, Kyoraku, and Uryu clans. You only have a 0.1 percent chance to spin S-tier clans and a 1 percent chance to spin an A-tier clan. Here are the best clans to play in Project Mugetsu.

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    • urahara – War Powers
    • urosaki – War Powers
    • kuchiki – Mythical
    • yamamoto – Mythical
    • kyoraku – Mythical
    • Uryu – Mythical

    Mugetsu Clan Project Turn Rates

    There are six different levels of clan rarity. The lower the chance of getting a clan, the better it is. You can rotate your clan again in the customization menu on the main screen. Here are all the clan rarities and the chance to spin them in Project Mugetsu.

    • war powers: 0.1 percent
    • mythical: 1 percent
    • Legendary: 4 percent
    • Strange: 10 percent
    • Rare: 25 percent
    • Common: 60 percent

    How to Check Clan Buffs and Perks in Project Mugetsu

    You can only check the perks and perks of your current clan. When you change clans, you can see what the new clan offers. Here’s how to check your clan’s buffs and perks in Project Mugetsu.

    • press the METER key.
    • Select Profile.
    • Look at the book on the right side of the menu.
    • Scroll to read all the perks and benefits of the clan.

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