Project Mugen Codes (August 2023) – Will there be any?



    Screenshot via Project Mugen Youtube

    Updated August 25, 2023

    Checked for codes!

    Project Mugen immediately caught my attention from the first trailer. I fell in love with the colorful anime aesthetic, flashy action combat, and diverse movement options. After watching the trailer, I immediately wanted to pre-register for the game but also wondered if there were Project Mugen codes.

    Codes in games typically give players various rewards. Some rewards you can get are in-game currency, special items, unique cosmetics, and much more. If Project Mugen uses codes, you may receive any of these by redeeming them. While you wait for Project Mugen, check out more codes content like Genshin Impact Codes.

    All Project Mugen Codes List

    Project Mugen Codes (Working)

    • There are no active codes for Project Mugen.

    Project Mugen Codes (Expired)

    • There are no expired codes for Project Mugen.

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    How to redeem codes in Project Mugen

    At the time of writing, Project Mugen has not been released; therefore, there is no way to redeem codes. A code redemption system will likely be added if Project Mugen receives codes. Many games in this genre use codes, but there is no guarantee that Project Mugen will. If codes are added, a way to redeem codes will be available in-game or on the official website.

    How to get more Project Mugen codes

    If Project Mugen codes are added, you can find more by following the game’s social accounts. Project Mugen uses platforms like Twitter @ProjectMugen_EN, the Project Mugen Discord Server, and the Project Mugen YouTube Channel. I recommend bookmarking these so you can stay up to date on Project Mugen and see when codes are added.

    Why aren’t my Project Mugen codes working?

    As Project Mugen is not yet released, there are no codes, and as such, no codes will work for the game. Until the game releases, we don’t know if codes will even be included. If Project Mugen does use codes, there could be various reasons why you get an invalid code message.

    The most common cause of codes not working is because they are expired. If you attempt to use a code past its expiration date, it will not work. Another common reason why codes don’t work is incorrect spelling. You must enter the code exactly as it appears for it to work. Lastly, some codes require you to meet special conditions or only work during special events.

    How to pre-register for Project Mugen

    Project Mugen has no official release date, though speculation has it placed as a late 2023 or early 2024 release. However, NetEase has announced that the game is available to pre-register. You can sign up for the game ahead of release through the official Project Mugen website. Once there, click the Pre-Register button and enter your email address.

    What is Project Mugen?

    Project Mugen is an open-world RPG with a stylish anime art style. Players will be able to explore a lively and colorful city as various characters by foot, vehicles, running on walls, and even zipping through the air with a grappling hook device. Take on Chaos through fast-paced and flashy combat as you master each character’s abilities.

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