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Released in Season 8: Mayhem, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy is the cause of many headaches in Apex Legends. While he is an annoying legend to go up against due to his abilities, many players don’t know how to use him to his full potential. He is the 12th most drafted legend in the game, spending most of his time in lower level lobbies. However, mastering Fuse can quickly turn matchups in your favor on the battlefield.

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Fuse is an explosives expert, and his upgraded prosthetic arm is a key component of not only his lore but his team as well. Offensive and defensive capabilities abound in this master of chaos. Become an expert in fighting fire with fire with this Salvo champion by following these tips and tricks.


10/10 Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy in Ya Bloody Service

Most players know that Fuse is Passive, Grenadierallows him to use the grenade launcher on his right arm to launch grenades 70% faster. However, this passive also trace the projected path of any ordinance before firing them. This is best combined with bow stars, essentially enabling them as hit scanning.

Note that frag grenades have the same 4 second ignition time regardless from being thrown or thrown. So, if you’re trying to “sky swim” an enemy player or team, remember to disable their launcher by using the utility action button (the “H“key or the”down button” about him directional pad).

9/10 He never ran into a problem he couldn’t detonate

Grenadier allows Fuse to build up two grenades per inventory slot. However, this passive also allows you to pick up a stack of grenades of wolf‘s black market instead of picking one at a time. While this is a simpler tip, this ability to pick up stacks of ordinances, rather than just one ordinance per pick on the Black Market, allows you to take a stack (or two if you choose) of nades while opting to take meds. or weapons. attachments for your second selection.

Coming out of this council, there was a hidden benefit for Fuse in Season 14. When Respawn opted to get rid of the auto-revive capabilities of the gold takedown shieldthey exchanged the Guardian angel abilities of the golden backpack from seasons prior to gold takedown shield. The gold backpack now allows you to carry one more large medical supply per inventory slot. Because of this, as long as you have a bag of gold like Fuse, you can now free up more space in your inventory for more of your favorite grenades.

8/10 Serving them a knuckle sandwich

fuse knuckle cluster Unleashes a cluster bomb that can be fired long distances at enemies. This passive has 20 second cooldowna duration of 6 secondsY 2 charges. can adhere to enemies either surfaces and explodes in mini-explosions 1.5 seconds later. Knuckle group deals 10 damage when pinning an enemy, and the mini-explosions lock onto the tip of the initial explosionwhat about 90 damage targets caught in the middle of it.

This overview is worth reiterating, regardless of ability, due to the fact that most Fuses either spam the Knuckle Cluster or trigger it out of panic. Always make sure to line up your shots while playing Fuse; patience is important to maximize damage. If you line up your shots to hit players and/or tactically shoot players where there is no line of sight, this will not only maximize damage but also serve as an impromptu scan allowing you to see which way enemies are moving due to on-screen damage indicators.

7/10 It’s about to get a little strong, folks.

Fuse’s tactic is better for medium to long range fights or in closed spaces because of his big size Y lack of escape possessed by other offensive legends. don’t be afraid of uses his tactic often; the time is very short, and your Knuckle Clusters will quickly replenish. However, keep in mind that while these charges will not harm teammatesthey can damage the fuse the same.

While their clusters are great for damaging agriculture, they really shine in their ability to create panic in opponents. This perfect for making enemies move either hitting the player directly or shooting the Cluster to the side if they are behind cover. Always try to move opponents in your favor by having them come out into the open or close in on you. It is imperative to think several steps ahead when moving your opponents; this helps predict which direction they will move next to avoid taking damage.

6/10 Do you have a copy of your dental records? I’m going to need them

How much more advanced techniques of the Knuckle Clusters start here with bait doors you’re Fuse’s best friend when it comes to bait, whether it’s holding a gate to heal or strategically playing with gates to draw enemies towards you. Play with your tactics and grenades when primingand when dealing massive damage or isolating an enemy, use your weapon skill to get the hit.

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Prime with a fake revive is another great way to force an enemy to push you. Be aware of your environment and the cooldown of your knuckle packs as you attempt this. Whenever the enemy pushes you to prevent you from picking up a teammate, hit them with your Knuckle Cluster before finishing them off with your weapons.

5/10 Tell the devil fuse that he sent you

Another great trick with the Knuckle Cluster is to slide into the door behind which an enemy is healing, shoot a Knuckle Cluster at the door, and then pre-fire the door when you think it’s about to break. While it does damage you, it pales in comparison to the amount of damage dealt to opponents. Even if the player runs away from the door, you can still shoot them from behind and receive the call. Please note that it is it is not recommended to try this game if you have less than 50 health.

Speaking of door shooting, Knuckle Clusters are perfect for destroying doors as well as abilities from other Legends such as: Caustic’s Traps, Rampart’s Amplified Deck, Revenant’s Death Totem, Loba’s Black Market, and Wattson’s Fences. Be careful with any enemy Wattson intercept towers placed by teams running Wattson; Pylons destroy any projectiles that come their way.

4/10 Here comes the motherlode

last Fuse, the mother lodelaunch a projectile into the air 200m away before exploding and surrounding the target area in a wall of flame that lasts for 17 seconds. This ability can be destroyed by Wattson’s ultimate and does not penetrate Gibraltar’s Bubble Shield. However, it is a very versatile ultimate with different offensive, support, and defensive uses.

When you use the latest from Fuse, you can ADVERTISEMENTS get a 3x magnification. If you don’t have long range sights while playing Fuse, you can use this to essentially “shoot” enemies through the map. However, you should primarily shoot from a distance with his ultimate if you are third party fight. this will maximize the amount of damage you inflict and unleash chaos over the other two teams as they don’t expect Motherlode to enter the fray.

3/10 Combustion or bust

whenever i try catch players in your ultimatemake sure that don’t aim too far. This is a common mistake of newer Fuse players, causing you to waste an ult on a team that can easily get away. Instead, opt for perform capturing techniques at close to medium range to capitalize on the team stuck in a certain position, such as a building or while they are creating or reviving a teammate. This capturing technique is also great for late game circles, especially ranked.

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This technique can be used more in close combat. If you’re a fuse and an enemy team is pushing you, you have a chance to cut off a route or even take down an enemy, don’t be afraid to use Motherlode on yourself. This will cause you to only take about 5-8 damage to yourself, while denying an area to a team or giving your team some breathing space.

2/10 Manage your backpack

The question of how many grenades you should carry as a fuse is a very common one for those trying to learn the legend. For level 1 backpacks it is best to take 2-4 pomegranates (shards, arc stars, or termites), while fuses with level 2 backpacks ideally should have 4-6 grenadesand a level 3 backpack should contain 6-8 grenades at once

Pomegranates are used for each situation as Fuse, so it is ideal to carry a large number of them. Also, it’s great to have a shotgun as a fuse for not only maximize the number of grenades you can carrybut also to help with the tips and tricks above related to door baiting and using Knuckle Clusters.

1/10 Team Composition

Thanks to the seemingly simplistic nature of the Fuse kit, it can be paired with multiple different legends. A legend allowing rotations such as Valkyrie, Horizon, or Wraith are perfect for using with Fuse due to their large stature and limited movement abilities. Other legends with opportunities for high DPS Ultimates like Gibraltar, Caustic, Horizon, or even Bangalore are also great to pair with Fuse. You can combine the effects of these legends’ ultimates with Fuse’s Motherlode and Knuckle Clusters to overwhelm an enemy team and deal massive amounts of damage, help your team reset with heals, or switch positions.

Stay up to date with any tweaks to the Fuse kit via the Respawn website or Twitter. While designated as an offensive legend, Fuse is capable of being the full support a team needs. Coordination with his team allows Fuse to shine to his fullest potential.

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