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    Updated: September 11, 2023

    We checked for codes!

    Prepare for battle in Pride of Nindo, an anime-inspired idle RPG for Android! Put together your perfect team of ninja warriors, equip them with the best gear, and level them up to take on bosses, as well as other player teams in the arena. Follow the exciting story as you also level up, opening up new ways to improve your team.

    You’ll be able to enter Pride of Nindo codes once you reach level 10. Codes usually give you several rewards, which can include everything from Raffle and Summon tickets to currency such as Silver and Gold! They’re the perfect way to get a competitive team fast. If you love idle RPGs on mobile, you should also try out Ocean Ultimate Battle Codes.

    All Pride of Nindo Codes List 

    Pride of Nindo Codes (Working) 

    • BORUTO0901—Redeem for 5 Premium Summon Tickets and 200 Golds (New)
    • SASUKE777—Redeem for 100 Basic Summon Tickets
    • Tsunade0840—Redeem for 5 Premium Sumon Tickets and 200 Golds 
    • Discord123—Redeem for 100 Tier-Up Orb, 300 Golds, and 1 Premium Summon Tickets
    • Momoshiki—Redeem for 100 Golds and 2 Premium Summon Tickets
    • Mitsuki789—Redeem for 100 Golds and 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets
    • Hokage123—Redeem for 100 Tier-Up Orb, 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets, and 100 Basic Summon Tickets
    • Chidori77—Redeem for 100 Basic Summon Tickets and 100 Raffle Tickets
    • Kurama99—Redeem for 100 Basic Summon Tickets
    • Chakra77—Redeem for 100 Basic Summon Tickets and 100 Raffle Tickets
    • Kage999—Redeem for 100 Basic Summon Tickets, 100 Tier-Up Orb, and 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets

    Pride of Nindo Codes (Expired) 

    • Pain222—Redeem for 10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets and 20k Silvers
    • Deidara0759—This code has expired. 
    • Ninetails999—This code has expired. 
    • SASUKE0331—This code has expired. 
    • Konan0223—This code has expired. 
    • OROCHIMARU231—This code has expired. 
    • TSUNADE754—This code has expired. 
    • SUSANO123—This code has expired. 
    • NINJA777—This code has expired. 
    • NINJA12—This code has expired. 
    • KONOHA333—This code has expired. 
    • JIRAIYA888—This code has expired. 
    • TERUMI456—This code has expired. 
    • Madara135—This code has expired. 
    • Shikamaru0601—This code has expired. 
    • Chiyo2305—This code has expired. 
    • Rasa0401—This code has expired. 

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    How to redeem codes in Pride of Nindo 

    Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Pride of Nindo. Note that you need to reach level 10 before you can use codes.

    Image by MyFullGames
    1. Launch Pride of Nindo on your device. 
    2. Press your character icon in the top-right of the screen. 
    3. Click the Redeem parcel button (once you are level 10).
    4. In the text box saying Please enter the correct code, do so exactly as it appears in the list above.  
    5. Press the yellow Redeem button beneath the text box to claim your reward! 

    How can you get more Pride of Nindo codes? 

    While you should find all of the active Pride of Nindo codes above, you can always conduct your own search. A good place to start is the Pride of Nindo Facebook Page, while it is also worth keeping an eye out for code videos on the VixenVirus Redeem Code YouTube Channel

    Why are my Pride of Nindo codes not working? 

    Pride of Nindo codes have to be inputted exactly as you find them above if you want them to work for you. I suggest you cut and paste the codes from here into Pride of Nindo if you can, as this ensures you avoid any typos, such as forgetting a capital letter. If a code still says it has failed, it has likely expired, so let us know in the comments so we can check it, and then bookmark this page to make sure you don’t miss any future codes.

    Other ways to get free rewards in Pride of Nindo 

    You can find lots of ways to gain more free stuff in Pride of Nindo. My favorite examples include free loot from idling (don’t forget to collect before your bag fills!), the 12 Deluxe Chests (top left of the screen) you get from staying logged in, plus freebies from completing Venture Commands and Daily Quests (top right). Click all of these icons whenever they have a red dot on them to collect your free items, which can include ninjas, currency, summon tickets, and more! 

    What is Pride of Nindo? 

    Pride of Nindo is an anime-inspired mobile experience for Android devices. It is a 2D battle game in which you build up a team of heroes to fight battles, where both you and your ninjas level up and equip new gear. It is largely an idle game, but you can also click through to take on boss and arena battles. New ninja characters are bought through a gacha-style system. 

    If you’re looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page. And in the meantime, take a look at the latest news to stay up-to-date on all things entertainment.


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