While God of War‘s Kratos has by no means battled something like a Yautja, the protagonist’s weaponry had a noticeably refined affect on Prey‘s Predator.

Director Dan Tractenberg confirmed to CassiusLife that, as a God of War fan, he based mostly the Predator’s new protect gadget off Kratos’ protect from the 2018 reboot, which contains a related retractable perform. He additionally drew consideration to how Prey protagonist Naru wields a weapon that resembles Kratos’ iconic Blade of Chaos chain-swords. As Tractenberg famous, “Even her Tomahawk that she makes because she throws it and calls it back. It was very much inspired by playing that game.”

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Tractenberg additionally described himself as “extremely” excited for the Ghost of Sparta’s subsequent journey in God of War: Ragnarök, which comes out in November. A brand new cinematic trailer final month confirmed a fall launch date of Nov. 9, teasing Kratos and his now-teenage son, Atreus, battling their method by way of hordes of supernatural foes in addition to an enormous wolf.

Will Prey Get a Sequel?

Taking place greater than 300 years earlier than 1987’s Predator, Prey follows Naru (Amber Midthunder), a Comanche healer who wishes to achieve hunter standing inside her tribe. This objective coincides with a lone Predator’s arrival on Earth, forcing Naru to interact and outwit it after each warriors be taught in regards to the different’s existence. Since releasing on Hulu, Prey has rapidly change into the Predator franchise’s most acclaimed title, reaching a 93% ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. Original Predator actors Jesse Ventura and Bill Duke have additionally voiced assist for Prey, praising the power of Tractenberg’s path and Midthunder’s lead efficiency on their respective Twitter pages.

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Although its mid-credits scene laid the foundations for an additional battle between Naru and the Yautja, a sequel to Prey has not formally been introduced. The movie’s closing moments each retconned and tied Prey into previous Predator entries, confirming {that a} flintlock pistol she acquired was the identical one given to Predator 2‘s Mike Harrigan in 1997. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics lately dropped the primary situation of a brand new Predator comedian sequence, specializing in a girl named Theta who hunts Predators within the title of vengeance.

A God of War sequel was alluded to through the game’s post-credits dream scene, the place Kratos and Atreus are confronted outdoors their residence by the Norse god Thor. The first God of War: Ragnarök gameplay trailer premiered final 12 months’s PlayStation Showcase, teasing the continuation of Kratos’ battle with former ally Freya and an official encounter with Tyr, the Asgardian God of War.

Prey is at present streaming on Hulu. God of War: Ragnarök can be obtainable to play on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Nov. 9.

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