This Potion Permit Research Guide tells you the way Research works and how one can resolve the mildly difficult puzzles offered to you.

How Potion Permit Research Works

Potion Permit Research is a prerequisite step to crafting Potions, particularly for sure Tasks (quests).

In phrases of the story, your character has a imprecise thought of what it’s good to do to be able to repair a specific drawback with a Potion. However, you do not know precisely what it’s good to put into the Potion, therefore the necessity for Research.

Successfully finishing Research will often unlock entry to a Task Potion. These Potions are one-offs which are sometimes tougher to brew in comparison with what you are used to. As all the time, be sure you have a number of of each obtainable Material readily available — you will by no means know what you want!

Mind, you will not be doing Research all willy-nilly — it solely pops up throughout sure quests, and reasonably sometimes at that. Unfortunately (or fortuitously, relying in your perspective), Research actually is not that large part of the game.

How to Solve the Potion Permit Research Puzzles

Potion Permit Research puzzles observe an extremely easy formulation. A set of elemental symbols are proven on the backside of the display. Your job is to match the belongings you see within the magnifying glass with these symbols.

Is this some type of deceptively advanced puzzle? Nope! Simply choose every of the Elements throughout the magnifying glass separately and rotate by means of the Elements till you land on the right one.

If you possibly can handle the nigh-insurmountable problem of accurately figuring out all the Elements, the Research will probably be deemed full. After this, the actual problem will sometimes start — you will seemingly should brew a singular Task Potion that will probably be just a little tougher than the potions of the present Tier you are on. (You can see a prolonged record of Task Potions and options in our Potions Guide.)

It in all probability took you longer to learn our Potion Permit Research Guide than it takes to really do Research, however worry not — we have now many way more helpful guides to take a look at beneath!

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