These Potion Permit guides will let you know what it’s good to learn about this potion-crafting game, together with the best way to make Potions, one of the simplest ways to earn cash, the best way to enhance Friendship, and extra!

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Potion Permit Guides

Potion Permit Starter Guide

Potion Permit places you firmly within the sneakers of a Chemist, an alchemist who can combine crops, minerals, and bits of lethal creatures in a Cauldron to make wondrous Potions and numerous different curatives. You’ve solely simply arrived in a brand new city along with your colleagues, and everyone seems to be surprisingly suspicious of you — let’s dive in!

Meeting the People of Moonbury

Your journey begins on a practice to Moonbury. You get a pleasant sufficient welcome from the city’s mayor and his spouse, however everybody else appears considerably much less trusting of you. The motive on your go to will quickly turn out to be clear, however first, you will should be taught the ropes.

After the preliminary assembly within the bar, you will head residence and get some sleep. When you get up in your catastrophe of a house, you will encounter a field with some decorations on your room. You can depart these apart for now — head in direction of the door and you will find that you’ve a customer — the mayor and his assistant Xiao have come to see you.

Stepping Out

Following this fast dialog, you are despatched exterior of city to Meadow Range, the primary space you may discover within the game. It is right here you will meet Forrest, one of many rangers who patrol the wilderness.

You could also be tempted to discover the city. It’s not a foul concept to activate the opposite two Fast Travel factors west of your own home, however do not waste an excessive amount of time speaking to anybody — the individuals of Moonbury don’t belief you, and you may step by step be taught that their low opinion of Chemists is justified.

Over at Meadow Range, Forrest duties you with gathering the next supplies:

  • 3 Basil
  • 3 Jasmine
  • 3 Daisy

Before you head into Meadow Range, activate the Fast Travel level that appears like a banner on the entrance of the Meadow Range.

Using Your Tools

You have a complete of three Tools all through the game: a Sickle, a Hammer, and an Axe. Here’s what your Tools are used for:

  • Sickle – Cutting crops
  • Axe – Chopping down Trees
  • Hammer – Smashing rocks

These instruments aren’t only for gathering Materials — they’re additionally your solely weapons for preventing the assorted Monsters than inhabit the wilderness. The Sickle is quick however does low injury, the Axe is reasonably quick and does medium injury, and the Hammer is gradual however does heavy injury. I personally desire to make use of the Sickle more often than not for fight.

Gathering Materials

Meadow Range is stuffed with fairly a couple of fascinating creatures and crops. Your activity is sort of easy, nevertheless it additionally teaches you many vital classes.

First and foremost, there are solely so many Materials and Monsters out there every day. For instance, there are 4 Daisies, 3 Lemon Balm, 4 Basil, and 4 Jasmine out there within the beginning space of Meadow Range. Once you have harvested these, you will not have the ability to get any extra till tomorrow.

I can not emphasize this sufficient — it’s a very, very good concept to at all times maintain some Materials available always. To display why, I’m going to indicate you a late-game screenshot of the Clinic:

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Multiple Patients Late Game

Typically, you will solely have one affected person each few days and you will have to craft 1-4 Potions. Later within the game, nonetheless, you may have a number of sufferers in someday, every of whom would require 1-4 Potions. The first time this occurs, you’ve gotten a full home with six sick townspeople — that is 6-24 Potions that you will want to have the ability to craft in someday.

You could make up for any shortfalls by instantly heading out to the wilderness or shopping for provides from the Ranger Station, however that is horribly inefficient. It is due to this fact good observe to take care of a stockpile of elements always; I like to recommend holding on to a minimum of 10 of each Material always in case conditions like this come up sooner or later.

For now, you need to seize up each Material (and the entire Mushrooms) within the first little bit of Meadow Range. You can even struggle some Monsters, however take care to not die. If your well being will get too low, you need to retreat!

You ought to chop down some bushes and kill some Green Blobs, too — they’re going to offer you extra elements that may make a future activity a lot simpler.

Here’s what you need to gather in whole:

  • 3 Basil
  • 4 Jasmine
  • 4 Daisy
  • 3 Lemon Balm
  • 2 Bitter Sap (from chopping down small Trees)
  • 2 Sticky Jelly (from killing Green Blobs)

If you run low on Energy, you may eat Mushrooms for a small enhance. You even have 3 Apple Juices that you would be able to drink to revive a bigger chunk of Energy. Don’t fear about losing these things — give attention to gaining the gadgets within the above checklist.

Returning to Forrest and Meeting Xiao

Now that you’ve the entire Materials, Forrest will let you know to go to Town Hall and meet Xiao. If you had been fast sufficient, you are able to do this in the identical day. If you dawdled about in Meadow Range, you will should sleep and go to Town Hall the next day.

Xiao will introduce you to Runeheart, one of many two blacksmiths dwelling in Moonbury. Runeheart has been employed to restore your Cauldron — it is lastly time to place your Potion-brewing abilities to work.

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Xiao First Potions Neutralizing Herbal Balm and Wound Cleanser


Making Your First Potions

Xiao asks you to make two easy concoctions — Neutralizing Herbal Balm and Wound Cleanser. You can see probably the most environment friendly recipes with the Materials you’ve gotten out there within the above picture.

Potions are crafted by assembling tetrominoes in a singular form. Each Material has its personal form and is classed in one of many 4 conventional components — Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Some potions cannot be crafted with sure Elements — but another excuse to at all times guarantee that you’ve all kinds of elements out there always.

Furthermore, your Cauldron can solely match so many Materials in it. It is a good suggestion to make use of as few Materials as attainable when making a potion.

Craft the 2 Potions in your Cauldron. By now, it is possible after 15:00, so you will have to attend till tomorrow to satisfy Xiao. Use any remaining Energy by going to Meadow Range and preventing monsters or busting up Rocks and Trees, then fall asleep. (You can fall asleep at any time, fortunately!)

More Gathering and Returning to Xiao

You’ll get up on the typical 06:00 the next day except you have been knocked out otherwise you stayed up too late. If you get up late at 12:00 as a consequence of both of these causes, instantly go to Town Hall and see Xiao. Otherwise, head exterior and Fast Travel to Meadow Range.

We’re going to assemble Materials as typical. This time, we wish to particularly give attention to getting three gadgets in whole:

  • 2 Sticky Jelly (from Green Blobs)
  • 1 Bear’s Claw (from Honeypaw)

We’ll want these for the subsequent quest.

Once it will get near 08:00, head over to Town Hall and provides Xiao the 2 Potions you crafted yesterday. Then, return to Meadow Range and gather extra Materials. Go to sleep whenever you’re out of Energy.

Diagnosing and Curing Your First Patient

The following morning, you are met exterior by Myer. His daughter Rue has been introduced again to Moonbury and it is as much as you to remedy her.

First, you will should Diagnose Rue. Diagnosis is a two-part course of — first, you will have to seek out the issue by shifting your magnifying glass over the affected space. Once recognized, you will should full a minigame. Simply put, getting the inexperienced bar previous the yellow line will get you a profitable Diagnosis and you’ll decide a course of remedy.

In this case, you will decide that you will have to make Moonbrine:

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Crafting Moonbrine for Rue

This could be made with simply 3 Materials: the precise gadgets I informed you to get the day earlier than. Moonbrine is a “Quest Potion” — it is not a part of your regular repertoire for day-to-day therapeutic. You will solely ever make this as soon as. You’ll craft dozens of Quest Potions as you play by means of the game; typically talking, you may anticipate them to be tougher than something you have brewed earlier than.

Take the Moonbrine over to the Clinic and administer it to Rue. She’ll be cured due to your abilities. You’ll undergo one other cutscene and then you definately’ll be let free upon the world to discover as soon as extra. Gather some extra Materials in Meadow Range. Go to sleep as soon as you have run out of Energy.

The Medical Association Returns

The subsequent day, you will discover Xiao ready for you exterior of your own home. He says that your colleagues from the Medical Association have returned and you’ve got been summoned to the Town Hall.

At the Town Hall, the mayor will request that you simply keep within the city. You’re then tasked with introducing your self to 10 individuals.

A Somewhat Warmer Welcome

Once you are set free once more, converse to Myer. Then head downstairs and speak to Xiao. Exit Town Hall and head to the fitting — you need to have the ability to catch Yorn and Helene popping out of the Lazy Bowl Tavern. Then, head straight north earlier than 08:00 and go to the Town Square to satisfy Kipps the cat.

After that, persevering with heading north to the Farmhouse. At 8:00, everybody wakes up there — you will get one other 4 individuals (Garret, Mercy, Lucke, and Laura) in the event you’re fast sufficient. Head west to the Church and you need to have the ability to catch Sophellia, making 10 in whole.

Head again to Town Hall as the search requires and go upstairs to talk with Myer once more.  He’ll additionally reveal that Chemists have carried out some unhealthy issues prior to now to the realm, so you will have a tough time incomes individuals’s belief. He’ll additionally provide the Approval Badge, a token that reveals you have been accepted within the city. This additionally offers you the flexibility to open up the subsequent space of the Map in Meadow Range.

Return to Meadow Range, collect Materials till your Energy is depleted, and fall asleep.

The Clinic, Restored

The subsequent day, you will discover Myer and Reyner exterior of your own home. Reyner the Carpenter has repaired your Clinic.

Going ahead, any sufferers who arrive at your Clinic will set off the siren and light-weight. You even have a light-weight in your UI on the top-right of the display. If the sunshine is clashing, you’ve gotten an untreated affected person within the Clinic.

You ought to at all times prioritize treating sufferers. If you fail, your Trust stage will go down and you will have to win again that Trust sooner or later. It’s finest to not let that occur and it is not terribly tough to keep away from so long as you are proactive about treating sufferers.

Gather Materials within the Meadow till your Energy runs out and fall asleep as typical.

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Making Do With Materials
You might need to make uncommon mixtures to finish a Potion if you do not have sufficient of the proper shapes.

Your First Real Patient

The subsequent morning, the alarm will sound — you’ve gotten your first actual affected person!

As earlier than, Diagnose your affected person and brew the required Potions. If you have been slacking on gathering Materials, it is a stable wake-up name to attempt to collect some every single day!

This time, you will get some cash and a brand new merchandise – Moon Cloves. Moon Cloves may give you an enormous enhance to Friendship. Use them correctly — you solely get them by therapeutic sufferers or by finishing sure quests.

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Perilous Purple Pollution Pit

A Long Road Ahead

By now, you have received the fundamentals down. There’s an enormous world to discover on the market in Moonbury and the encircling wilderness, so get to it!

That’s the top of our Starter Guide — ensure to take a look at our different Potion Permit guides to be taught extra in regards to the game!

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - FAQ Completed Research

Potion Permit F.A.Q.

What is Potion Permit?

Potion Permit is a single-player action-adventure game the place you discover the wilderness, gathering elements to make Potions for therapeutic individuals.

Is Potion Permit Multiplayer?

No, Potion Permit shouldn’t be multiplayer.

Is There Romance in Potion Permit?

Yes, there’s romance in Potion Permit. There are a complete of six romance choices at launch.

How Do You Save the Game in Potion Permit?

You can save your game in Potion Permit by sleeping in your mattress.

Where is the Potion Permit Save File?

The Potion Permit Save File is positioned within the Appdata LocalLow folder below “MasshiveMedia”.

What Happens When You Run Out of Energy in Potion Permit?

If you run out of Energy in Potion Permit, you will not have the ability to swing your Tools. This means you will not have the ability to harvest Materials or assault Monsters.

How Do You Restore Energy in Potion Permit?

You can restore Energy in Potion Permit by consuming Food, taking a shower at Willow Waters Bathhouse, or ending the day and sleeping.

What Happens if You Stay Up Too Late in Potion Permit?

If you keep up till 02:00 in Potion Permit, you will instantly move out and get up at 12:00 the next day (as a substitute of 6:00).

What Happens if You Die in Potion Permit?

Dying in Potion Permit causes you to move out and get up the next day at 12:00.

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