Potion Craft Beginners Guide

For beginners and curious pros looking for loopholes and the smallest tricks. I will share my experience with you and tell you about important and not so important moments of the game.

I must say right away that there will not be any recipes for any potions, I will describe it below.

Actual for version 0.4.4

Beginning of the game

Potion Craft Beginners Guide

You are a novice alchemist .. blah blah blah we understood this, accepted it, learned to crush, twist and press the bellows to fan the fire under our cauldron. We learned to sell and trade with buyers and merchants, realizing that TORG is the main part of our sales, the more money, the more ingredients and potions.

And in general, the more numbers you have at any point, the easier it is for you to live.


After waking up, the first thing we do is harvest in the garden, which can be better than free flowers, without GMOs.

We carefully look and collect all the plants, not forgetting about the mushrooms on the tree, which can hide behind the trunk. It is not possible to improve the garden yet, but in future updates we are promised a lot.

Potion Craft Beginners Guide



On our board there is a map with possible paths for the location of potions, along which we move by ingredients that have their own characteristics in terms of movement.

What we can meet along the way: Bones – the longer and further along the bones you go, the less water in your bottle, and if it runs out, the potion does not work and you start over. Whirlpools \ Tornadoes – while the fire under your cauldron is burning – it spins, pulling the bottle into its center. If the fire does not burn, it does not spin and does not tighten the bottle. Does not damage. Books of experience – by picking up you get experience for the subsequent pumping of skills. The gray ones are standard non-renewable. Green

Potion Craft Beginners Guide
Potion Craft Beginners Guide
Potion Craft Beginners Guide

– renewable, the frequency depends on the skill leveling.

Move: Ingredients flowers / mushrooms – move the bottle along the path depending on the ingredient. Ingredients stones – teleports the bottle from point A to point B. Bucket with water – moves the bottle to the spawn / start / start point in a straight line. Salt of emptiness – erases the built path. The recipe can be purchased from a Mystic Warlock. Salt of Life – restores the health of the bottle if it hit the bones. The recipe can be purchased from a Mystic Warlock. PS: the stronger the fire burns, the faster the bottle moves along the path, but be careful not to fall into the whirlpool / tornado, otherwise the path will shift

Potion Craft Beginners Guide
Potion Craft Beginners Guide
Potion Craft Beginners Guide
Potion Craft Beginners Guide
Potion Craft Beginners Guide

PSS: The harder you grind the ingredient, the longer the path becomes. It is not necessary to always grind to dust, sometimes an incompletely ground ingredient is required.

Making potions

The most important point at the BEGINNING of the passage is not to brew the same potion according to the same recipe saved in the book.

This is due to the fact that at the beginning of the game, in a small amount, we are given standard flowers of movement up / left / down / right, and if we cook only from them, we will bury ourselves in the fact that they will simply end, and grow in the garden and be sold by merchants little, connection with a small reputation.

If we do not sell potions due to the lack of ingredients from the recipes recorded in the book, then our reputation will not rise, and there will be no money either.

Don’t be afraid to buy and use new ingredients, look for new ways to make potions.

Potion Craft Beginners Guide


Potion effects can be combined for sale, with different harmonious effects.

How do we know which customer will buy double + potion, while paying us more money:

  • – Buyers who do not know what effect they need exactly (For example: enchant my sword with magic), list several conditions (For example: I cannot get around, and you need to be unnoticed), etc.
  • – To check whether the effects can be sold and whether the effects will be compatible, we can put one effect on the scales, and after the second, if the buyer is ready to buy both effects, we combine them on the board.
  • – If you still decide to combine the effects, the strongest need to do what is more expensive for our benefit.
Potion Craft Beginners Guide

Shopping room

At the beginning of the day, merchants mainly come who offer us ingredients, stones, alchem. machines \ sheets of magic paper.

Quantity, price, discount, mark-up on goods depends on the level of our popularity.


Ingredient vendors:

  • -Do not be afraid to buy and never sell potions to traders, as buyers will buy them at an overpriced price, unless of course it is a compatible potion with different effects, which will definitely not be useful to buyers.
  • -The assortment of ingredients is mostly random, and the quantity grows with the prestige of our shop.

Mysterious sorcerer:

  • -If possible, buy recipe sheets, if they are not with a red mark-up, and you can afford them, as the sheets will always come in handy in the future.
  • -On the alchemical machine, buy only after chapter 3 and with enough capital so that its purchase does not hurt your wallet too much.
  • -Buy salt recipes at chapter 5 and above. Unless, of course, your financial account allows you to buy earlier, it’s up to you.

Stone Trader:

  • -The stones will not be useful to you at the beginning, so do not go broke on them until you get to the moment of creating potions for alchemists. cars, or if you have enough money to spare, you can stock up on them in advance.

PS: do not offer to buy something from you after you have already made a bargain, otherwise you will not be given a discount.


The number of good buyers and robbers depends on your reputation level.

The higher your level, the less robbers and more noble knights.

The lower your reputation level, the more robbers and fewer good people. Good buyers

Potion Craft Beginners Guide
  • -You have 3 chances to give the customer the correct potion. If the first time you fail to guess which potion you need, with each next attempt the price of the potion will decrease.
  • -The price and the mark-up when bargaining depends on the leveling of skills.
  • -The higher the power of the potion, the more popularity you will get, maximum 3, but if you inflate the price when bargaining, the popularity gained can drop to 0.
  • -Reputation when selling at any price – 3 points. But if the client leaves without receiving the ordered potion, a penalty of 2 reputation points and, depending on the level of prestige, penalty points to prestige.
Potion Craft Beginners Guide


  • -When fulfilling their request, you will receive a reputation penalty of 20-30 points, but at the same time you will receive prestige.
  • -Failure to fulfill their request – you will receive 15 reputation points, but you will lose prestige points.

PS: you should not offer to buy another potion if you made a bargain for the initial one, otherwise there will be no extra charge, and the price of the potion will be reduced, both for the first and for subsequent

Alchemy machine

At the moment, the end of the game can be considered – the 

Machine parts and salt recipes can be purchased from the Mysterious Magician, who may arrive early in the day.

Recipes for stones open one by one, after creating the first, the second will open, etc.


  • -Save recipes for potions for stones that are prepared for each part of the machine, as you will have to cook stones more than once if you close the book of chapters.
  • -Look in recipes more often, especially before finishing, so you don’t end up with the wrong stone. If you have poured the correct potion – in the recipe, the device in which the potion is poured will light up green, if not the correct potion – red.
Potion Craft Beginners Guide
  • -Do not be afraid to use teleportation stones for potions, as these potions will rarely be brewed, and you will not bury yourself in an empty bag, unless of course you forget to buy materials from the merchant.


You will ask for sure how to swing correctly and for what points are given.

Points are given literally for everything – cooking potions, selling, buying, collecting experience on the map.

About pumping here to each his own:

  • -If you want to open the map faster – swing the radius of visibility
  • -If you want to pump faster – download the alchemical practice so that the experience on the map appears more often
  • -If you want more profit in the initial prices – download the trade
  • -If you want to be the best in bargaining – download bargaining to increase prices while chatting visitors.

PS Do not get carried away and do not pump everything into one branch, it will be more rational to pump evenly each skill, only 2-3 points ahead of the selected one.


Thank you for reading this guide and hope for your support.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Potion Craft Beginners Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank your opponent. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.