Poltchageist spotted in latest Pokémon Hidden Treasure of Area Zero trailer


    It appears that the Teal Mask DLC has a couple other Pokémon to introduce than the new legendaries. Not only was Dipplin (an alternate form of Appelin) recently shown, but now there is Poltchageist, a new Pokémon with a strong resemblance to Sinistea. The stats and moveset of this Pokémon are still unknown, but there is a lot of lore behind it that was shown off in the trailer.

    New Sinistea-like Pokémon seen in Hidden Treasure of Area Zero trailer

    The latest trailer for the Teal Mask DLC in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduced the world to Poltchageist, who’s name appears to be a pun on the other Pokémon Poltegeist. This newer for is both Grass and Ghost-type. It appears to be based on Matcha tea, whereas Poltegeist is more based on a regular tea pot.

    Poltchageist has a pretty interesting backstory. Apparently, the spirit of an old man who was cruel to his friends is imbued into Poltchageist. Its matcha can seal cracks in objects like phones, but it also can drain life from people.

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    So far, the stats and moveset for Poltchageist are both unannounced. I personally think that the life draining effect that is has means that it will know the move Giga Drain. Afterall, most Grass-types know Giga Drain, and Poltegeist knows Giga Drain as well.

    The big question on many fans’ heads will be if Poltchageist will have access to Shell Smash. This move increases Attack, Special Attack, and Speed by two stages, at the cost of cutting Defense and Special Defense in half.

    Poltegeist already knows this move, and it can be very difficult to defeat after it sets up. A Stored Power from Poltegeist after it sets up will become very powerful. Poltchageist may get the same move, along with a STAB Giga Drain to revive its health. It’s very possible Poltchageist will be a big threat in Pokémon when it arrives.

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