Pokémon Unite added Ceruledge to its lineup of pocket monsters.

    • Pokémon Unite gets a new addition to the roster with Ceruledge.
    • A fire and ghost type, it can move quickly and deal massive damage before fleeing.
    • It comes with a new Tera Raid Battle that lets you capture your very own Emboar.

    Pokémon Unite is getting a big new addition to its roster with the Fire/Ghost-type Ceruledge. You can also get Emboir by checking out the new Tera Raid Battles being added in this latest update. Ceruledge is available now, while Emboar Tera Raid Battles will reappear from June 21st to June 23rd.

    Ceruledge Works as a great all-rounder. It is able to jump quickly into battle and deal heavy damage before fleeing with return fire. Its Unite Move is Revenant Rand, where it attacks with its wing blade that propels it forward in a fixed location.

    The Unite move, in particular, is very powerful, stunning opposing Pokemon and allowing Ceruledge to hit a few more times with three slashing blues. So, in summary if you want to jump out of nowhere and throw your opponent their phone or switch in desperation as soon as you run away.

    Gotta catch ’em all

    One of the impressive things about Pokemon, and Unite as a whole, is the huge roster of creatures the game has at its disposal to include. While games like League of Legends always need to create new characters, Pokemon can simply dip into its back catalog and pull out one of the many more obscure ‘mons featured in the games.

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