Pokémon TCG Live Reduces Number Of Cards You Get From Booster Pack Codes


    Image: The Pokemon Company

    The recently released live pokemon trading card The “limited beta” on PC and mobile has made a minor but significant change to the digital card codes players receive in physical packs.

    Instead of 10 digital cards per code, this number has now been cut in half. When you enter or scan a code in the game, you will receive only five digital cards. Kotaku contacted The Pokémon Company about this, to find out why this adjustment was made.

    Here’s the full answer, explaining what it’s like to “reduce the rate” of non-foil commons and uncommons:

    “For the main Pokémon TCG expansions such as Sword and Shield [and] Silver Tempest, each code card is designed to yield five cards in Pokémon TCG Live, which helps slow down the rate at which non-foil common and uncommon cards are obtained.”

    If you want to try the new version of the digital Pokémon Trading Card Game, head over to the official website. From there you can download it on Windows, MAC, Apple App Store and Google Play.

    What are your thoughts about this adjustment? Comment below.


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