Pokemon Sleep celebrates 10m downloads with in-game rewards


    Image via The Pokemon Company | Apple

    Cosy sleep-tracker app Pokemon Sleep has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its release in July 2023.

    To commemorate this milestone, players will be able to claim rewards to improve their Pokemon napping experience.

    Pokemon Sleep is celebrating with in-game gifts

    To thank the 10 million people who have downloaded Pokemon Sleep on their Android or iOS devices, The Pokémon Company International is giving players the opportunity to collect a commemorative gift.

    This includes:

    • Sleep Points ×1,000
    • Good Camp Ticket ×1​
    • Poké Biscuits ×5
    • Ingredient Ticket S ×3

    The items are available for all players to collect between 25 August and 22 September by selecting the gift box icon on the main menu screen.

    Now is a great time to start playing Pokemon Sleep

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    As well as being able to claim gifts to mark the 10 million download milestone, a new in-game event is around the corner which will help new players make quick progress.

    The Good Sleep Day event will run between 4am on 30 August and 3:39am on 2 September, adding a Drowsy Power multiplyer of between 1.5x and 2x.

    On the night of the full moon (31 Aug) players can expect to see a 2x multiplyer on Drowsy Power, 3x Pokemon Sleep EXP, and 1000 bonus sleep points.

    On the other days either side of the full moon (30 Aug and 1 Sept) the bonuses will be slightly lower with a 1.5x multiplyer on Drowsy Power, 2x Pokemon Sleep EXP, and 500 bonus sleep points.

    While this is the first iteration of Good Sleep Day, the event will run each month for three days to mark the full moon.

    If you haven’t jumped into the world of Pokemon Sleep research yet, now is a great time to do so.



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