Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trick Makes Players Move Twice as Fast


Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet players have discovered a unique mobility cheat that allows people to move twice as fast in the game. This movement cheat works by plugging two left Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons into the game which, for some reason, doubles the movement speed of a player’s avatar and causes them to take large strides. It’s not the most practical of abilities, but it’s one that people have found interesting, and it works as an example of just how shaky some parts of the game have been so far.

The discovery of the double Joy-Con was found and shared online by Redditor hamsterhead64, who said that someone can “significantly increase your running speed” by connecting a second controller to the game. An additional Joy-Con is probably what most people have on hand, and that’s what the video shows, but this could also work with another additional Nintendo Switch controller.

While it’s hard to gauge if this is actually twice the speed, it’s twice the Joy-Cons, so he reasons that you’d move twice as fast. You’re definitely moving faster by doing this, but it’s far from the most practical option. It’s faster than walking with a Joy-Con, for example, but it appears to be slower than riding a Pokémon Ride.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you can greatly increase your sprint speed by connecting a second controller and using both left sticks at an angle. of
nintendo switch

Based on what’s seen in the short gameplay clip, it doesn’t help alleviate frustrations with emerging issues while playing the game either. Scarlet Y Violet where objects, Pokemon above all, appear right in front of the players before they have a chance to react. It’s that theme that has perhaps been stressed more than anything in the new Pokémon games and is one of the main points of concern in our review.

Others in the comments pointed out that the same thing happened in New Pokemon Snap when it comes to balancing the camera. Some were amused by the bug, but again, with all the other issues the game faces in terms of performance, others were less amused.

Still, if you’re touring Paldea in Scarlet Y Violet Performance issues aside, there’s plenty to do. Be sure to check out our extensive Coverage of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet here for more guides and how-tos for these games.


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