Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Receives Its First Competitive Bans


scarlet and violet pokemon he’s already gotten his first Pokemon ban. Smogon, an unofficial but influential forum for competitive Pokémon, has announced that Houndstone and Flutter Mane will be banned from the OU level of play immediately. The two Pokemon were banned for different reasons: Flutter Mane was banned due to its strong base stats and Fairy/Ghost type along with its protosynthesis ability, which would further increase its top stat with the use of Harsh Sunlight or Booster Energy.

Meanwhile, Houndstone was banned as it is the only Pokemon that knows Last Respects. Last Respects is a unique move that gets more powerful based on how many fainted Pokemon are in your party. If used as an anchor for your team, Houndstone’s Last Respect potentially has 300 base damage, making it the most powerful move in the game when base damage is taken into account. Houndstone’s ban can be reviewed if another Pokemon can learn Last Respects and the OU council (the group that decides on these bans) moves to ban the move instead.

To be clear, both Pokemon can still be used in official competitive play, which focuses on 4v4 doubles competition. And Smogon still allows both Pokemon to be used at its competitive Uber level, which is reserved for its most powerful Pokemon. So far, only four Pokemon have been sent into Uber’s exile: Houndstone, Flutter Mane, Koraidon, and Miraidon. It’s likely that more Pokemon will be “banned” from the popular OU tier as time goes on and the metagame evolves, but for now Flutter Mane and Houndstone are in rarefied company as the first to be designated overpowered for normal Pokemon play. .

scarlet and violet pokemon is now available on Nintendo Switch.


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