Pokémon Pinball Would Be Perfect on Nintendo Switch


The Pokémon franchise is undeniably huge, from playing cards and toys to the flagship video games that introduce new Pokémon. But the generational video games aren’t the one Pokémon video games on the market — there are such a lot of different beloved video games within the type of spinoffs like Snap, Colosseum, Legends, Mystery Dungeon and Ranger. Some, similar to Snap, have seen current additions to their sequence, whereas others — for instance, Colosseum — have left their followers languishing as they wait for an additional entry.

Pokémon Pinball is one such spinoff. While the unique Pokémon Pinball was launched in 1999 for the Game Boy Color, the final entry on this spinoff sequence, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire, was launched in 2003 on the Game Boy Advance, almost 20 years in the past. While it noticed a re-release on the Wii U Virtual Console, that can not be accessible come 2023. As such, it is time for an additional Pokémon Pinball game.

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The Nintendo Switch Is the Perfect Place for a Pokémon Pinball Game

The Nintendo Switch is the right console to launch a brand new Pokémon Pinball game for. All earlier entries on this spinoff sequence have been on handhelds, however because the Nintendo Switch can effortlessly swap between console and handheld, it nonetheless suits with the sequence commonplace. The gyroscope perform of the Switch in handheld mode may also add a degree of problem to the game — tilt in a pinball game is harmful, and the brand new game can both issue within the gyroscope for extra intriguing play or embody the lean as an additional problem to gamers.

Also, because of the 20-year hole, there is a lot extra Pokémon to incorporate in a pinball game. The final Pokémon Pinball game was launched in Gen III with the Hoenn Pokédex, which had roughly 300 Pokémon. With the discharge of Scarlet and Violet, the Pokédex will lastly break 1,000 entries. As such, a brand new pinball game would have a a lot bigger Pokédex to pattern from.

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This is to not point out that the Switch’s better capabilities would serve a brand new Pokémon Pinball entry effectively. Whether it makes the leap to 3D or stays 2D, the game would not tax the Nintendo Switch, and with the better capability of the Switch’s game cartridges, the game might have extra than simply a few pinball tables and some hundred Pokémon. And whereas it could seem to be a “simple” spinoff in comparison with the opposite video games, it is nonetheless a enjoyable idea — and one that may assist to scratch the Pokémon itch between generations, permitting for the extra complicated video games similar to Legends or the upcoming Scarlet and Violet to have some respiratory room. Also, not each game must have a number of complicated mechanics — some video games might be easy however extremely entertaining and nonetheless sustain the momentum on the Pokémon hype practice.

Will there be one other Pokémon Pinball game? The 20-year drought suggests no, but it surely is not conclusive. Pokémon Snap was launched on the Nintendo 64 and did not get a sequel till New Pokémon Snap got here out for the Nintendo Switch. Pokémon Pinball is in the identical class as beloved spinoffs similar to Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon Ranger, however as such, it additionally has a fan base that might be comfortable to see it present up because the Pokémon game of the 12 months.

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