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    There is all you need to know so you can beat and catch Kyurem in Pokémon GO!

    To win a Pokemon GO of 5 is always difficult. So if you want to catch all of the Legendary Pokemon you must first take care of these difficult battles.

    Fortunately, it’s quite easy to defeat Kyurem once you know the best Pokemon that are good at trying to stop it.

    Table of contents.

    • How to Become Kyurm in Pokemon’s Raids GO.
      • What type of hair is it?
      • Kyurem Weaknesses
      • Kyurem Resistances
      • The best Pokemon to Counter Kyurm in Raids is Pokemon.
    • When is Kyurem going to start Pokemon GO Raids?
    • Does Pokemon GO Shiny Kyurm?
    • Best Kyurm Attacks, Movesets and more.
    • Kyurem Stats

    How to beat Kyurem in Pokemon GO Raids?

    Kyurem is a top 5 star gaming boss, so you should probably battle him in a group of at least five Pokemon trainers.

    All these Pokemon trainers need to have strong Pokemon to counter Kyurems weakness.

    Find out our top tips to win Raids in Pokemon GO, and give you tips on how to beat any boos in the game, including Kyurem!

    What type is Kyurem?

    Kyurem is a Pokemon named Dragon/Ice, one of the most advanced Pokemon in the game.

    This typing means that it has five weaknesses and just three resistances. It’s therefore fairly easy to counter when fighting in the war.

    Kyurem Weaknesses

    • Dragon
    • Fairy
    • Fighting
    • Rock
    • Steel

    Kyurem is weak to all of the above attack types in Pokemon GO, so they’re the only way to make it a 640st of damage. When you’re going to fight this, you should ensure that your team is made up of type-to-type Pokemon.

    Kyurem Resistances

    All of these types do a little damage to Kyurem, as it resists them.

    Best Pokemon to Counter Kyurm in Raids.

    The best Pokemon for Pokemon GO Raids against Kyurem are Mega Blaziken, Mega Latios, Terrakion, Keldeo and Metagross.

    Despite the fact that Kyurem has five weaknesses, any Pokemon with a Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, a Rock or Steel-type Pokemon should be effective against it.

    These are the 10 best Pokemon to play in the Kyurem Raids:

    PokemonImageFast AttackFast AttackCharged Attack! Mega BlazikenCounterFocus Blastlastlast – Mega BlazikenCounterFocus! TerrakionDouble Kicks Sacred Word. “KaldeoLow” Kicks Sacred Sword by Kelly. MetagrossBullet PunchMeteor Mashh. Mega LatiosDragon Breathedragon Claw LucarioCounterAura Sphere Mega LopunnyDouble KickFocus – Blast! ZacianMetal ClawPlay Rough. RayquazaDragon TailOutrage DialgaMetal ClawDraco Meteor.

    Find out the fastest way to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can make up your Mon for this Raid.

    Try out this article. Mega Evolutions will help difficult Raid Battles.

    When is Kyurem in Pokemon GO Raids?

    Kyurem is involved in the Pokemon GO game from December 23 to January 1 2023, part two of the Pokemon GO winter holiday.

    Any Kyurem caught during this time will know the exclusive charge attack Glaciate!

    There is also an upcoming Kyurem Raid Hour, which will be the best time to catch this Legendary Mon.

    Is there a Shiny Kyurem in PokemonGO?

    Yes, in Pokemon GO there is a shiny version of Kyurem. Lucky players will be able to win a 5-star Kyurem raid.

    The polished Kruyem has a dark grey hair and legs, and its wings and head are darker blue and purple than blue.

    Check out our shiny odds guide to find out the exact chance to be able to meet shiny Kyurem!

    Best Kyurm Attacks & Movesets & Best Kryurem Attacks.

    The best movingset to have on Pokemon GO is Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor.

    Nevertheless, if you want to teach Kyurem an additional charged attack, then some other great option is Glaciate.

    All these are the attacks that Kyurem can learn in Pokemon GO: “The attacks I don’t have for you”

    Strong AttacksSmart Attacks Catalina shaming (Dragon)Blizzard (Blizzard)Glacy (Exclusive)Blizzard (Ice)Steel Wing (Steel)Dragon Claw (Dragon)Draco Meteor (Dragon)Mey of the DragonSlant.

    Get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO, so you can give any of these attacks to your Kyurm!

    Kyurem Stats

    Kyurem has quite good attack and stamina in Pokemon GO. While defense is lacking, it’s a fairly well-rounded Pokemon.

    StatValueAttack 246Defense170Stamina245Max CP 4041.

    Check out the list of all legendary Pokemon of Pokemon GO for the details of what more you must catch!


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