Pokemon GO has a regular date from January 2023


    Heres a list of every in-game event held in Pokemon GO in January 2023 – from the new year celebration to the Community Day – all over the site!

    Pokemon GO hosts multiple events in-game every month. Besides GO Battle League and Pokemon Catching, those items go in tandem with real-world events.

    Even better, it looks like the year 2023 will be a busy month for Pokemon GO events!

    Every Pokemon GO event in January 2023 Dates & schedules: All in the same time.

    They all gathered all the Pokemon GO events happening during January 2023, as well as their dates:

    • The Pokemon GO New Years 2023: January 14-5
    • Chespin Community Day: January 7 – 4 o’clock.
    • Six-figure fantasy : January 10-16.
    • Steven Stone GO Championship: January 14th 15 – 14.
    • 23rd February 2023 Lunar New Year: 19 October 1923 23
    • Jerries: 21 January.
    • The wind was hit: February 27, February 5, the snow drifted.

    Pokemon GO New Year 2023 (January 1 – 2 ), the Pokémon GO – 2023 (January 1 – 4 – 23 o’clock).

    Pokemon GO celebrates the new year, and 2023 is no exception. This years event features a whole bunch of costumed Pokemon, including Pikachu, Hoothoot and Wurmple.

    Chespin Week (January 7th) is a holiday season for those who are having fun with the booze.

    The first GO community celebration of 2023 features: ‘Chemisphere’. Of course this Grass-type starter Pokémon will spawn more often, but there’s also an appearance of Chesnaught attack and Quilladin Raids to watch.

    The Twinkling Fantasy (January 10-16)

    Niantic hasn’t yet revealed anything about Twinkling Fantasy, but we know that it is going to have a new Mega Pokemon!

    Let’s hope this leaked Pokemon GO mega evolution will make its debut. The merchandising Mega Aggron and the banette took home Pokemon GO, but only one more is possible!

    Steven Stone GO Battle Weekend (January 14 and 15).

    The first weekend of 2023 GO took place already in January. Over the weekend, players can complete Timed Research to earn Steven Stones rings for their avatar and more!

    2019 Lunar New Year (January 19 23).

    The Pokemon GO celebrates the Lunar New Year every year. This year, 2023 is the year of the rabbit, and you should be able to get along with some rabbit-like Pokemon. Bunnelby, Buneary, and Azumarill will most likely be part of Lunar New Year celebrations.

    Community Day Classic (June 21) (City Day).

    Pokemon GO developer Niantic has also revealed that there will be a Community Day Classic in January 2023, but hasn’t yet revealed the featured Pokemon!

    What’s up on a crack (January 27th) 5).

    Cracking Voltage is the final Pokemon GO event in January 2023. The event should be made up of electric-type Pokemon. Keep in touch for more updates soon!

    It’s not just Pokemon GO events that players are looking forward to in January 2022. Everything else going on this month:: “The game is not for everyone!”

    • Legendary & & Mega Raid Schedule January 2022
    • Daylight Schedule January 2022.
    • He has an alert for the Raid Hour for January 20, 222.


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