Pokemon Go Fest Madrid closed yesterday with over 190,000 players.

    • Pokemon Go Fest Madrid has wrapped up after three days of celebrating the top AR game.
    • More than 190,000 athletes participated, more than 70 percent of whom came from overseas.
    • Players can catch special wild Pokemon and participate in raids while connecting with other fans

    Pokemon Go Fest Madrid is officially over, with a total of 190,000 attendees stalking the streets of the Spanish capital in pursuit of the titular ‘mons’. And what’s even more amazing is that over 70% of attendees came from overseas to attend!

    Between June 14 and 16, participants competed between two locations in Madrid, Juan Carlos I Park and the city of Madrid, to capture special wild Pokémon, participate in Necrozma raids, and earn other bonuses. All this while connecting with a large number of attendees and community members who turned out for this massive fan-driven event.

    A new tourism opportunity?

    One thing that jumps out at us is that 190,000 people, all walking around, visiting attractions, (presumably) staying in hotels, eating out and generally spending money is a huge gem for any city. Looks like a spinner.

    We wonder if, in the halls of governance or at least whatever official tourist authority Madrid has, Pokemon Go Fest has been a hot topic or not. After all, it is being spent a lot of money, and a large number of tourists in one fell swoop.

    Interesting question…but we’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes of it.

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