Pokemon fans realise Detective Pikachu is great, as sequel hopes fade


    The no ‘rhyme’ or reason as to why we haven’t returned to Ryme City for Detective Pikachu 2. Rob Letterman’s CGI-live-action hybrid soared to the top of the box office like an angry Charizard in 2019, and while we’ve heard plenty about a sequel from Legendary Pictures, nothing has come to pass.

    Although 2016’s crime-solving Detective Pikachu might’ve seemed like an odd place to start live-action Pokemon movies, it worked. Boasting an all-star cast of Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Bill Nighy, and Ryan Reynolds, Detective Pikachu is still the third highest-grossing video game movie of all time.

    Fans are only just realising Detective Pikachu is great

    With The Super Mario Bros. Movie reminding us that video game adaptations mean big business, fans old and new are flocking to Detective Pikachu and demanding a sequel. Over on Reddit, u/Serenity-9042 claimed they were only watching the movie for the first time.

    Asking others what they thought of the graphics and general storyline, the conversation obviously turned to the idea of a sequel. One fan said, “It was better than it had any right to be,” while another added, “I would love to see more of those kind of realistic Pokémon. Either being a series or another movie.”

    Explaining what needs to change, a third said, “Definitely a fun movie but not perfect. They could do a lot more with the world building and the story was a little out there but it does make the Detective Pikachu concept work. It also was probably the best concept for a movie that appeals to a wider audience.”

    While Detective Pikachu was largely called out for a bombastic and CGI-heavy third act with a boss battle against Mewtwo, most agree that Letterman did a great job of establishing a world that deserves another chance. 

    Where is Detective Pikachu 2?

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    Things get a little confusing, as we know Detective Pikachu 2 (the game) comes out as Detective Pikachu Returns on October 6. A sequel movie was announced in January 2019, meaning we’d been promised a second outing before the first even game out. Sadly, it’s slipped into development hell.

    We got a long-awaited update for Detective Pikachu 2 earlier this year, with Portlandia’s Jonathan Krisel reportedly taking over directorial duties. Reynolds isn’t yet locked in, although we can’t see Detective Pikachu 2 going ahead without the main man back as the mouse. 

    Justice Smith previously said we should bury our hopes of a sequel, but after years of waiting, it looks like Detective Pikachu 2 is slowly moving forward. It seems that those at Legendary Pictures have been put under the sleeping spell of Jigglypuff but have finally woken up. 


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