Pokemon announced a new comics show without Ash


    Ash’s story is finally coming to a final end, after 25 years, but the Pokemon are not going to tell it anymore. The anime has just been announced.

    In an audio clip shared by Pokemon YouTube, the finale chapter of the story will start on January 23, 2023, spanning 11 episodes. The adventure follows the brand-new “dream adventure” with new trainers Riko and Roy with new gen’mons. We can see Fuecoco, Sprigatito and Quaxly in the final shot.


    This episode shows the holiday’s coming soon. Spider-Man, and even Last of Us cards, I have to celebrate The Holidays!

    The description states the following: “Rend two new characters and three Pokemon on Paldea as they explore the exciting world of Pokemon.” It’s not yet known who these are, but we’ll meet them soon enough. The Features Editor Eric Switzer predicted the end of the Pokemon anime back in November, as a final victory at the moment was omitted. Ash, who has been fighting for more than three decades, eventually cinched the win he’d been fighting for since 1996. And that’s ending, at least, Ash’s run. We’re getting started with new characters, and we have to wait and see what they’re like.

    Since the anime’s run began, Ash was based on Red, and Gary Oak was based on Blue, and, in contrast, the protagonist and rivals of Scarlet & Violet could be repurposed into this new anime. Even though the details don’t show up on yet, we can only speculate.

    In the clip, we see our new lead picking her starter Pokemon, as well as a video of her holding a Pokeball with three dogs behind her. On the table we see Sprigatito sitting there at night, while she still has a hammer in her hand. It looks like it’s her pick, so that Sprigatito will take forward the role of Pikachu. No matter how many of the’mons’ Ash released, he kept Pikachu close. Now it’s (maybe) Sprigatito’s turn.


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