Pochita and Bond Are the Best Dogs of the Fall 2022 Anime Season


Pochita from Chainsaw Man and Bond from Spy x Family have already become popular favorites, but what exactly is it about these two dogs that is intriguing?

The fall season of 2022 has brought anime fans some of the best dogs in anime history. chainsaw manof Pochita and Spy x Family‘s Bond have already become firm crowd favorites, but what’s so intriguing about the dogs is that they’re not only lovable but integral to their respective stories. Also, neither Pochita nor Bond are average dogs.

Pochita from anime studio MAPPA chainsaw man he may primarily resemble a dog, but is actually a chainsaw demon. in the world of chainsaw man, Demons represent different human fears. Meanwhile, the anime from Wit Studio and CloverWorks Spy x Family recently added a new family member to the Forgers. Bond Forger used to run experiments on him, which eventually gave him the ability to see into the future.

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Who are these adorable dogs?

Pochita met her owner, Denji, when he was injured. In order for his wounds to heal, he needed to consume human blood. When Denji found the Chainsaw Demon, he promised to give Pochita his blood if Pochita would help him. The two of them became Devil Hunters together, using Pochita’s chainsaw ability to cut other demons to pieces. In one of his missions, Denji was attacked to the point where his body was cut into many pieces. Pochita made a sacrifice and merged his bodies so that Denji would have another chance at life. Chainsaw Devil’s powers merged with Denji, giving Denji the ability to turn his arms and head into chainsaws. What Pochita did was a shift in the scope of a dog’s loyalty and love for its owner.

Before Spy x Family‘s Bond was adopted into the Forger family, he sacrificed himself to save the young mind reader, Anya Forger, from the terrorists he had accidentally encountered. The two instantly clicked as Anya was able to read Bond’s thoughts as she used her own power to look into the future. Anya and Bond worked together to prevent many people from becoming victims of the terrorists’ planned attack. Anya begged her parents, Yor and Loid, to let her take Bond home and luckily they agreed. Yor works as an assassin and Loid works as a spy, but they have yet to learn each other’s skills. The only one aware of this is Anya. Thanks to Bond, Anya is able to help with any problems Yor or Loid might run into during their respective jobs.

While their looks make Pochita and Bond so popular, their abilities endear them even more. These lovable, dedicated dogs help move their stories forward by providing help and tenderness along the way. Without Pochita, Denji would never have lived on, and without Bond, Anya would never have been able to help stop the terrorists or use her own power to continue helping her parents.

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