Planet Zoo All Albino And White Animals List

Just a simple list of all white animals Planet Zoo can offer, including DLC animals!


Welcome to my little guide about the shinys we can see in the amazing world of Planet Zoo!

Before we start with the pictures of these beauties, I have to say a few words:

1. How to get albinos yourself.

Breeding them is kinda random and cannot be planned unless you already have at least one or two albinos in your zoo. Only both parents being albinos guarantees you getting some shiny babies.

For a more detailed “How To”, check out my guide on How to breed albinos yourself!

2. Not all of these are actual albinos!

Just look at the iconic white lions, who are in fact no albinos and just have white fur (not making them less fancy though). The eastern brownsnake however is clearly a case of albinism, visible within it’s red eyes. Luckily, the game leaves a note at the animals color gene if it’s an albinism, melanism and more, which I have added to the notes beneath the screenshots!

3. Not all animals have such a variation.

We can by now confirm that the animals not present in this guide have no special variation such as an albino form. That might change in the future with new updates and likely more DLCs comming down the road.

I’ve added pictures of the normal looking animals, because for some it is a little difficult to see the difference without direct comparison. Also, due to the high amount of animals and needed screenshots, splitting the Enclosure Animals category was necessary.

With that said, enjoy the beauty of Planet Zoos incredible shiny animals!

Enclosure Animals A-I

With the update on general color variation, you may see slight differences between the screenshots and your animals.


Albino: A true albino with its red eyes!

African Buffalo

Albino: A white sheep in a black herd.

(help by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)

African Elephant

Albino: Just a little brighter than other Elephants.

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Albino: Like a moving pile of sand!

American Bison

Albino: Extra fluffy!

Baird’s Tapir

Albino: Do you hear it chirping?

(by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)

Bengal Tiger

Leucistic: Not that good in hide and seek. :/

Black Wildebeest

Albino: White is the new black. B)


Albino: It has lovely sky blue eyes!

Borean Orangutan

Albino: Those magical eyes!

(by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)


No markings: Almost spottless.

Common Ostrich

Leucistic: As fast as their friends, but shinier!

Common Warthog

Albino: They are now everywhere!


Albino: Maximum level of brightness!


Leucistic: My favorites!

(by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)

Giant Panda

Albino: Perfectly hidden in the snow.

Grizzly Bear

Albino: Pre-Acrtic DLC Polar Bear.


Leucistic: Hide it in the shades to

prevent sunburns!

Indian Elephant

Albino: More pink than white.

Indian Peafowl

Leucistic: Less colors, same beauty!

Enclosure Animals J-Z

Nile Monitor

Albino: Looks like my little Popcorn!


White Nyala: A hint of silver and a hint of gold.

Plains Zebra

Amelanistic: Stripes or no stripes.

That’s the question.

Pronghorn Antelope

Albino: Actually quite cheap on the market!

Reticulated Giraffe

Leucistic: Less than 20 in the wild!

Ring Tailed Lemur

Leucistic: Not a true albino.

Saltwater Crocodile

Albino: The secret star of any zoo!

Sibirian Tiger

Leucistic: Well hidden in the snow.

Even with the stripes! (by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)


White Springbok: Super cute and super fast!

West African Lion

Leucistic: Is it you, Kimba?

Western Chimpanzee

Albino: The big snowflake in the trees!

(help by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)

Western Lowland Gorilla

Albino: Taking “Silverback” to another level!

Exhibit Animals

Boa Constrictor

An unseen beauty! (by |KPF|Nightowl)

Common Death Adder

Ain’t it cute for a small killer?

Eastern Brownsnake

More an Eastern Whitesnake.

Green Iguana

Argh! Fear me! (by Sidca)

Lesser Antillean Iguana

From an islands white beach!

(by dropxofxpoison)

Puff Adder

Shiny pufflepuff! (by SSupersnake)

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Like a yellow diamond!

Yellow Anaconda

No touchy, just looky!

(by NamiraWilhelm)

No special variations

Enclosure Animals

  • African Wild Dog
  • Bactrian Camel
  • Bongo *cries*
  • Chinese Pangolin
  • Formosan Black Bear
  • Galapagos Giant Tortoise
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Himalayan Brown Bear
  • Indian Rhinoceros
  • Japanese Macaque
  • Mandrill
  • Okapi
  • Red Panda
  • Red Ruffed Lemur
  • Sable Antelope
  • Snow Leopard
  • Spotted Hyena
  • Timber Wolf

Exhibit Animals

  • Amazonian Giant Centipede
  • Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula
  • Brazilian Wandering Spider
  • Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion
  • Giant Forest Scorpion
  • Giant Tiger Land Snail
  • Gila Monster
  • Golden Poison Frog
  • Goliath Birdeater
  • Goliath Frog
  • Lehmans Poison Frog
  • Titan Beetle

DLC Animals


No special variations:

  • Komodo Dragon
  • Pygmy Hippo
  • Thomson’s Gazelle


No special variations:

  • Arctic Wolf
  • Dall-Sheep – found in the changed section!
  • Polar Bear


White Reindeer: Rudolph?

(help by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)

South America-DLC

No special variations:

  • Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Colombian White-Faced Capuchin Monkey

Leucistic: A magic monkey!

(by @BrisbaneZoologicalPark)

Giant Anteater

Erythristic: It’s a little brighter.

(By SadisticViolence)


Melanistic: Ma boys! 😀

(help by Sol)


New version of special coats!

More about them in the changed section.


No special variations:

  • Dingo
  • Eastern Blue Tongued Lizard
  • Southern Cassowary


Albino: Look up in the trees! (by Kaitrosebd)

Red Kangaroo

Leucistic: Snowwhite Boings!


No special variations:

  • Diamondback Terrapin
  • Giant Otter
  • Grey Seal
  • King Penguin

Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman

Albino: IT’S PURE SUGAR!! (by VixenCherry99)

South Asia Animal Pack

No special variations:

  • Babirusa
  • Binturong
  • Clouded Leopard
  • Dhole
  • Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Proboscis Monkey
  • Sun Bear


No special variations:

  • Fennec Fox
  • Meerkat
  • Sacred Scarab Beetle
  • Southern White Rhino

African Penguin

Brown coat: Made out of cappuchino!

North America-DLC

no special variations:

  • Cougar
  • North American Beaver

American Alligator

Albino: We got blessed! (by Hamsterpresident)

American Bullfrog

Albino: Hold gentle like burger.

(by CuriousLeumur11)

Arctic Fox

Blue Coat: its summer coat!

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

Leucistic: Cotton-Candy Prairie dog.

(by Hamsterpresident)

California Sea Lion

Black/Brown and Tan: Similar to the

brown Llamas.


Leucistic: Made of white chocolate!

(by Hamsterpresident)

Bugged, removed or changed

Here we’ll go through the few animals whos special variations aren’t working as intended or went through some changes.



The Dall-Sheep used to appear as albino/leucistic in the market place. When buying one of these and placing them in an enclosure however, the special animal never showed another color variation and appeared as normal looking sheep. By now, this color variation seems simply removed.



The Llama got hit by the coat variations update the hardest, providing by far the most variations in coat patterns. Sadly, its leucistic coat (here shown thanks to @BrisbaneZoologicalPark) was never to be seen again since then.

Therefore we got another version of special coats. The all brown Llama icon in the market place shows spottless animals that stand out from the rest and is a little less common than the spottet Llamas. Note that they are not titled as melanistic or such!

All animals

South-Asia Animal Pack

Due to the 1st of April and it’s gummi animal April Fools shortly happening after release, the animals of the SA DLC sometimes appeared all white from the first day on and were mistaken for albinos/leucistic animals. A close look to the eyes shows that something was wrong with these coats. The bug got fixed and so far we have no special coats found. As example we have a Babirusa from the one and only Hamsterpresident themself!

Some final words

Collectiong all albino/white/shiny whatever variants in Planet Zoo is a lot of fun and I enjoy every moment of introducing these beauties to my zoos. And with the great amount of animals in Planet Zoo it’ll take me quite a while to get them all for this guide. But you can guess it, I’ll be having fun on doing so!

Found a special coat? Send your screenshots in – Datlens Guide Box[]

By the way, I’ve used my fotoenclosures for the screenshots, which I’ve build for purposes like this. You can find my collection in the workshop for just 2 imaginary money and use them for your own fotosessions.

A huge thanks to…

@BrisbaneZoologicalPark on Instagram











… for allowing me to use their screenshots and therefore helping me fullfilling the guide a little more! You guys are amazing! 😛

And a special thanks to Papyrus from the guides discord server for helping me out on making sure we have all animals for this guide!

Any questions? Just leave me a comment here and I’m glad to help out if I can. 🙂

Thank you and stay hydrated!

-Datlen Ohana

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Planet Zoo All Albino And White Animals List that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Datlen Ohana. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.