Planet Coaster – Useful Tips and Tricks



    Here are some tips and tricks for the theme park simulation game, Planet Coaster.

    Tips and tricks

    Performance advice

    To keep your FPS high, try to avoid having highly detailed workshop scenes. Custom scenes on Steam Workshop can cause significant slowdowns.

    Fares for rides.

    A really good strategy for pricing your rides is to charge $6 for each ride star.

    Happy staff

    Be sure to quickly increase the crew room capacity by clicking on it and hitting the gear icon. This way your staff will be happier and less likely to leave.

    Another way to make your staff happy is to train them.

    More qualified vendors

    If you keep getting the message “Too many guests trying to use the vendor”, try training the staff member who works at that vendor.

    • Marketing tip – When setting up a new marketing campaign, make sure you uncheck “Auto-renew”. It’s easy to forget this and reduce your monthly profits.
    • Scenery tip – When having similar scenes, try rotating it and maybe even resizing it to stop it looking the same.
    • Making ways – Path placement in this game can be confusing at first, but all you need to do is move your mouse along the path to create more.
    • Useful keys – You can use CTRL + Z to undo and CTRL + Y to redo. Hold Z to rotate objects, and Shift to move up and down.

    DLC button

    • More items – When browsing items, make sure you toggle the “DLC Items” button on the right side. This will give you access to many more items when building.
    • FPS tips – The game seems to run better in a borderless window than in full screen mode.



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