Pirates Era X Codes (January 2023)


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    One piece is one of the most popular anime titles, so it should come as no surprise that Pirates Era X is an anime-inspired Roblox game. Start as an unknown pirate and work your way up to a big bounty. He learns powerful techniques, masters Haki, and eats devil fruits to increase your power and make a name for himself on the seas.

    Using codes in Pirate’s Era X rewards you with special perks and power-ups that can help you level up. All codes have an expiration date, so be sure to keep an eye on them and use them as soon as they are released. As codes are created, we’ll add them to our lists below, so be sure to check back for free rewards in Pirates Era X.

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    List of all Pirates Era X codes

    Updated January 10, 2023

    Added new codes.

    List of all Pirates Era X codes (working)

    • !redeem refresh1—Redeem for a boost (New)
    • !redeem HALLOWEEN!—Redeem for a boost (New)
    • !redeem Sub2Sheesty—Redeem for 2x 30-minute XP Boost (New)
    • !redeem Sub2Maui—Redeem for a 60-minute Dragon Fruit Notifier
    • Reset Stats!—Redeem for a stat reset (new)
    • !redeem first code!—Redeem for a 1 hour XP boost
    • redeem Your Mother!—Redeem for a stat reset

    List of all Pirates Era X codes (expired)

    • There are no expired codes for Pirates Era X.

    Roblox Pirates Era X Codes FAQ

    Here is everything you need to know about Roblox Pirates Era X codes.

    How to redeem codes in Pirates Era X

    To redeem codes in Pirates Era X, follow these instructions.

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    1. While in the game, press the button ‘/’ on your keyboard or open the chat window to enter text.
    2. In the chat box, enter the code exactly as it appears above. Be sure to include the ‘!redeem ‘ prefix.
    3. Press ‘Get into’ on your keyboard to submit the code and claim your reward!

    How to Get More Pirates Era X Codes

    Join the Age of Pirates X Discord Y Content Pioneers Study Group to get more codes and interact with the community. You can also bookmark this page as we will update this list once new codes are released. So be sure to check back often to see if there are any new codes for Pirates Era X.

    Why aren’t my Pirates Era X codes working?

    The developer controls the codes for Pirates Era X, and is the one who determines how long they are active. Some codes may expire faster than others and some may not work with others. If a code doesn’t work for you, check again if there’s a misspelling, the code isn’t active yet, or it’s already expired. To help resolve that issue, please bookmark this page and check back often to see if Pirates Era X has added any new codes or if any have expired.

    How to get to Shell Town in Pirates Era X

    Shell Town is the first destination you need to reach in Pirates Era X. You are given this quest early on, and the blacksmith tells you that you can get a sword there. When you receive the quest, you can buy the Shell Town Compass, which shows you where the island is. Once you do this, you can either buy a boat and sail there or use the rowboat at the port. Make sure to set your spawn in Shell Town once you get there, or you will spawn on the starting island.

    What is Pirates Era X?

    Begin your journey to become the King of the Pirates in Pirates Era X. This Inspired by One Piece The Roblox title allows you to become a powerful pirate through Devil Fruits, Haki, and your abilities. Earn Beli, buy a ship and sail where your heart desires.

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