Pindland is an upcoming maritime RPG for Android and iOS.

    • Maritime RPG is set for release on Android and iOS.
    • Explore the vast world of Pandoland with a variety of items.
    • It will be released in Japan on June 24.

    GameFreak and Wonder Planet have just revealed their latest project, Pindland, a casual sea RPG that will soon be released on Android and iOS. It is set in the unexplored world of Pandoland, where you are invited to captain an expedition in search of a legendary treasure.

    In Pandaland, you are free to explore a vast, mysterious world full of hidden treasures. The adventure is relaxed and open-ended, allowing you to investigate anything that piques your interest. As you expand the cloud-covered map, new discoveries and encounters await at every turn. This world is designed to be explored at your own pace, providing a stress-free environment for adventure.

    As you sail the seas, you’ll meet over 400 different friends as you search and collect various treasures. By conquering dungeons, you can collect valuable allies and treasures to customize your team. This collection of aspects adds a layer of immersion as you build the perfect expedition crew to tackle the challenges that await you in Pandoland.

    Pandaland isn’t just about solo exploration. The world becomes bigger and more exciting when shared with friends and family. Invite your loved ones to join this sea adventure and help uncover the hidden treasures. The cooperative element allows you to socialize in the game, as you share the map and embark on adventures together.

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    The RPG is ideal for a wide range of audiences, especially those who enjoy RPGs, action, and open world exploration. It’s designed to be accessible, making it a great choice for both beginners and gaming veterans. Plus, the seamless integration of multiplayer elements ensures you’ll never be alone in your adventure.

    Pindland It will be released in Japan on June 24. You can pre-register for a title by clicking on your favorite link below. A global launch should follow soon.


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