PIGGY: Hunt Complete Hunting And Survivors Guide

(This guide is still being worked on, I’ll try to add a bit every day and update the balance!)

Survivor, the oft-defeated wielder of the taser:

Survivor is normally what you get when playing Piggy: Hunt (5:6 odds). Surviving as a, well, survivor is very difficult, because any remotely competent piggy (especially on House3) will cleverly place their probably slow traps in doorways, preventing the player from making essentially any progress, except on House2, arguably the easiest map. I’ll be trying to make a basic guide for the player, and then branching out into more map-specific and advanced tips.

Basic Guide

The survivors work in groups, a few searching and progressing, others stunning and distracting, and rarely placing pre-emptive items in front of newer areas. Survivors slowly open up sections of the map, and will take time completing tasks such as unclogging sinks or connecting wires. Survivors can search various baskets full of clothes to find keys, items, and tasers, either use to unlock doors, remove environmental hazards (wood planks) or temporarily stun the piggy.



Tasks are used to progress in the map, sometimes being optional for leisure to progress, such as unclogging a sink with a plunger, other’s being required to progress, such as flipping safe switches.


The wires task is normally either near the beginning or the end of each map, and requires the player to connect same-color and shape wires to each other on both ends. Very self explanatory, and switches do not require a “minigame.” Wire counts normally vary from 2 and 4.


Unclogging toilets involves using a plunger on either a toilet, and rapidly shoving the plunger up and down. The progress slowly drops over time, so make sure to quickly use the plunger!



Keys are normally found in either dirt piles, toilets (wack), and boxes. Self explanatory, they unlock doors. Not much to really discuss here, but it’s normally helpful to memorize each key drop location and use location.

Items (for lack of a better term)

Items vary, from plungers, to fishing rods, to even hammers. Items will either destroy environmental hazards, such as wooden planks, or get used in a specific location, such as plungers, to unlock other items and keys.

There are two types of items, “quicktime” items that require a quick minigame in order to be used, or normal items that simply are used by holding down E on a specific hazard to either destroy it or unlock an item inside of that hazard.

Quicktime Items


The plunger is normally found at the beginning, scattered around each map. Plungers are used on toilets and sinks, with sinks normally being an optional use. Plunger minigames have been discussed earlier, scroll up if you missed it.

Normal Items


The hammer is primarily used on doors and wooden planks blocking off areas throughout the map. Hammers are normally used later in the match, and if a large group of people is still alive, it is recommended the player opens up all the blockades throughout the map to prevent death and make things more convenient. It takes roughly 4 seconds to destroy planks.


The shovel is used on dirt patches on the ground and normally does nothing other than uncover tasers and keys. No quicktime minigame is required to use this, but it takes roughly 3 seconds to uncover a patch of dirt.

Fishing Rod

Fishing rods are currently used exclusively in House2 to get an item. It is used at the edge of a swimming pool, and takes roughly 3.5 seconds to use.

Offensive Items

A special category, items that are used either against the piggy or used to temporarily stun them.


Tasers can be picked up, have a default two charges, and temporarily stuns the piggy for 2-3 seconds. They drain one charge upon use, and disappear upon being depleted of charges. This item is really good for getting out of a sticky situation, or rushing past a piggy camping an exit door.

Ghost Stuns

Technically not an “item” in the sense that it cannot be picked up and can only be used after death, but I’m including it for sake of clarity.

Ghost stuns temporarily stun the piggy for longer than the taser, but give the piggy a sizable speed boost after the stun. It can be used a default two times for each ghost, totaling to about eight stuns at max.

Ghost stuns are most effective in maze-like areas with many doors, to throw off the piggy from the survivor’s location.

Do NOT use ghost stuns when no survivors are near or the survivor is turning a corner towards the piggy. This normally results in either chain kills or wastes a stun entirely. These are precious, and can save an entire game. Use them wisely!

Map-Specific or Advanced Tips and Tricks

I’m about to reveal one of the most underused practices in the entirety of Piggy: Hunt in the map House1.

You ready? Here it is.

Drop the plungers (R by default) near the bathrooms at the beginning of the match to prevent going on a wild goose chase for them later.

Boom. Mind blown.

Alright, more general tips now.

Memorize the longest vents in each map, and lead the piggy there each time you are in a chase if possible.

Drop items where they cant be used now but can be used later.

Go to Item Shop and then Packages to redeem DLC codes.

Try not to convert Bacon into Piggy Tokens.

If you are the last player alive and escape is virtually impossible, do us all a favor and die.

Don’t use vents that the piggy can easily get to before you exit.

If the piggy is nowhere near you, and you are certain of that, trigger dangerous traps that can get you killed during a chase.

When opening areas with the Hammer, make sure that one of your fellow survivors grabbed the key item you need to progress before you hammer off everything else.

Suggest other tips for your fellow Piggy: Hunt players in the comments!

Piggy, Smiter of Legal Police Officers, Wielder of French Bread, Destroyer of Pubs

TBA (Coming soon!)

Piggy is stupidly broken already, you probably won’t need tips…

Whatever I’ll do it anyway!

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love PIGGY: Hunt Complete Hunting And Survivors Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Sampaioe. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.