Pig God Is the Monster Association Arc’s True MVP


The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man by One and Yusuke Murata, now available to read in English via Viz Media.

the One Punch Man The manga has reached an epilogue of sorts for the “Monster Association” arc, currently showing Saitama recovering from the battle, which mostly means searching for lost items. After all, the bald protagonist essentially lost all of his place during the monster attack. Looking back, the fight between the two associations has been deadly and epic. Both sides spared no manpower in dealing with each other, though each also suffered heavy losses. However, a hero is not getting the credit he deserves.

The S-Class heroes are the best that the Hero Association has at their disposal. That is, of course, excluding Saitama. Each of these heroes possesses remarkable battle prowess, though they also have their own interesting quirks. Pig God is essentially the quiet, gluttonous type; he doesn’t care much about hierarchy or keeping up appearances, but he does care about keeping his stomach full. Still, he cares about saving people and fulfilling his duties as a hero. His exploits during the One Punch ManThe recent war against the monsters is proof of that.

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Pig God: The great eater that ate the great eater

Before the S-Class heroes began their raid on the Monster Association’s lair, they met to decide on their strategy. Pig God’s only contribution at that time was to finish his sandwiches while he passively listened to his plan of action. However, he was immediately put into action the moment the raid began; Pig God’s first big battle is against the Big Eater, a hulking monster who boasts of his eating abilities. But before Big Eater can show off his moves, the gluttonous hero swallows the poor monster, saving Atomic Samurai’s disciples in the process. Pig God’s main fighting style is to consume his opponents. No matter how big he is, he can somehow swallow them whole.

However, Pig God found his match in Monster Association Executive Gums. The monster with the gaping jaws has a similar ability in that he can swallow pretty much anything, including the Pig God himself. The hero may not have won against Gums, but the monster doesn’t win the day either. After being swallowed whole, Pig God tries to eat his way out of the monster’s belly. The gums can sense the hero’s maneuvers and are forced to regurgitate food from him. Unfortunately, the two will never be able to settle accounts as Gums has already lost his life at the hands of Barf President Ugly. Still, Pig God was able to consume Gums’ remains in his attempt to regain energy.

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Pig God’s Big Stomach Saves Lives in One-Punch Man

The mouth of the pig god can be a mastered asset in One Punch Man, but its usefulness in combat is quite limited; his failure to defeat Gums is proof of that. However, his incredible ability to swallow excels in another area: rescue. When Terrible Tornado uprooted the Monster Association’s lair, Pig God remained underground to search for overlooked heroes. He manages to find and swallow Zombieman, Atomic Samurai’s disciples, and Narinki’s private squad. Resurfacing, he protects the Child Emperor from falling into the rubble. Pig God then safely and loudly regurgitates them all.

The fight with President Ugly saw Pig God team up with Tank-top Master. The gluttonous hero plunges into danger just as Chairman Feo is about to finish off Narinki’s private forces, immediately pushing them to the safety of his stomach. Tank-top Master then throws them out of the battle and to safety. He does it again when the Evil Mineral water is defeated, causing a huge tidal wave and using Centisennin’s huge corpse as a ramp to get to the other heroes. As in the other stages, Pig God swallows 20 others, including Superalloy Blackluster, Puri Puri Prisoner, and Tank-top Master. If it wasn’t for him, these S-Class heroes might have choked to death.

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Pig God is the considerate and bulky S-class hero from One-Punch Man.

Ever since Saitama brought Garo to his senses with his Zero Punch, the fight between the two associations has pretty much come to an end. Everyone on the scene is fooled by Metal Knight, who had previously been missing in action. The S-Class hero will use his advanced technology to get rid of any radiation he acquired while near Garo. After receiving treatment from Metal Knight, the other S-Class heroes are taken to the medical lab to recover from their grievous injuries. However, an S-Class hero decides to do the opposite.

As the others receive treatment, Pig God is convinced that his role in the battle is not over yet. He returns to Z City, where the epic battle took place, and a Hero Association helicopter sees him digging through the rubble. When they call out to him, he starts running, forcing the A-class hero, Ayer, to make a move. Ayer plans to force Pig God to return to the lab, but before he can, a puddle-sized evil mineral water appears.

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Yesterday he shifts his attention from the S-Class hero to the monster. He throws his boomerang at her, but Evil Mineral Water runs through it and pierces Ayer’s neck. Pig God uses that opportunity to pounce on the monster and swallow it. In his last fighting attempt, Evil Mineral Water riddles Pig God with multiple holes. However, his efforts are futile as Pig God manages to digest him before collapsing from the injury he sustained.

It was thought that the Evil Mineral Water was dispersed by Saitama’s Serious Blow, but it turns out that the monster survived. If Pig God overlooks his existence, he can easily recover by integrating himself into larger bodies of water. With most of the heroes currently out of commission, the appearance of an ocean-sized Evil Mineral Water could cause massive damage to the world of One Punch Man.

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