Phasmophobia Not Responding on Startup Fix


    There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to play your favorite game and being met with a Not Responding error message. Thankfully, this happening upon startup in Phasmophobia is rarely a serious issue. Usually, you can just wait it out! And if not, we have some other possible ways to solve the problem.

    Why is Phasmophobia Not Responding on Startup?

    When you first try to jump into playing Phasmophobia, you may encounter a popup that tells you your game is Not Responding. This is often accompanied by a loading icon and a frozen screen. We don’t know exactly why this happens to some players, but we have found that the issue typically resolves itself in a relatively short period of time.

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    How to fix Phasmophobia Not Responding on Startup

    In most cases, the fix is to simply wait out the period of unresponsive behavior. Still, this doesn’t always work for players. Here are some potential solutions to your problem:

    • Many players have had success by simply choosing to wait for a few moments after the Not Responding message appears, instead of closing out. Try this first before proceeding to other methods.
    • Check Phasmophobia and your computer for pending updates.
    • Try restarting Phasmophobia, Steam, and your computer.
    • Check your computer’s performance to make sure there are no problems there.
    • If all else fails, try to check the Phasmophobia Discord, Trello, or other socials to see if it is a game-wide issue.

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