Phasmophobia Eventide Update Coming Next Week After Long Wait


    Ghost hunters around the world can finally rejoice with EMF readers up in arms, as Kinetic Games finally revealed details about the long-awaited Eventide update, launching next week. There will be a few things that players will look forward to, such as a new location, Ascension adjustments, and a variety of optimizations and changes.

    Phasmophobia Eventide Update Brings Point Hope Map and Ascension Tweaks

    Image via Kinetic Games

    After months of silence, the team at Kinetic Games surprised Phasmophobia ghost hunters with exciting news about their planned ‘Eventide’ content update, which will now officially launch on June 25, just under a week from today. It is a big step forward in its roadmap planned for 2024.

    Firstly, a new map location called Point Hope Lighthouse will finally join the game’s roster of current maps, after its concept design has been teased for some time (seen above). This will be the first new map since the addition of Sunnyvale Asylum and will have a more dynamic circular layout. It will certainly make looping ghosts during hunts more interesting.

    On top of that, the game will also receive the long-awaited Ascension tweaks, which is essentially a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s mechanics and progression system. Among them, equipment like the thermometer will be redesigned, more prestige-related cosmetic unlocks will be added, and taking photos during hunts will be much less stressful with the ability to delete the ones you don’t need.

    Various optimizations, changes and fixes will also be incorporated, all to ensure that the aforementioned updates launch without problems.

    Instead of releasing smaller updates separately, the Eventide update will essentially be a package of everything that’s in the immediate pipeline. This is probably the smartest move since Phasmophobia players have had little new content to enjoy in recent months (aside from the Easter event in March).

    Imminent release window for Phasmophobia console port

    For those still waiting for news on the planned console port for Phasmophobia, there’s a silver lining (aha) to look forward to, as Kinetic mentioned via Steam. community board that there will be “more information on the development and plans for the Console in the coming weeks.”

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