Pet Simulator X Easter Event (2023): Start Time, New Pets, and Everything We Know



    Pet Simulator is one of the biggest Roblox titles. The developers are constantly updating the game, especially with festive events like the April Fools event. The next holiday to receive an update is Easter, which leads to a Pet Simulator Easter event. Although no official details have been released, fans have discovered leaks about the event. We’ve compiled what we know about the Pet Simulator X Easter event below.

    Everything we know about Pet Simulator’s Easter event

    Remember to take all the information with a grain of salt, since they are leaks and rumors.

    When is the Pet Simulator Easter event?

    The exact start time is unknown, but there are tests that can be used to determine the start time of the Pet Simulator Easter Event. The event started last year on the Saturday before Easter, so we hope this one continues. This means that the Pet Simulator X Easter event starts on April 8, 2023in 5p GMT and continues for about two weeks.

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    All the new Easter pets in Pet Simulator

    If the leaks are accurate, there will be 17 new pets, including huge pets, in the Pet Simulator Easter event. There will also be variants of these. We don’t know exactly which pets will be released, but you can find some of the pets we hope to add below.

    • bunny basket
    • egg chick
    • easter angelus
    • Easter Azolotl
    • Easter Bunny
    • easter phoenix
    • easter yeti
    • marshmallow agony
    • painted cat
    • spring bee
    • spring tap
    • huge easter bunny
    • Huge Easter Dominus
    • huge marshmallow agony
    • huge painted cat

    Everything new in Pet Simulator X Easter Event

    Apart from pets, there are other additions in the Easter Event for Pet Simulator. This includes new objectsa Easter egg huntand even a supposed developer product. This is known to be confirmed, but leaks suggest this update will be one to remember. roblox youtuber Telantra takes a further look at what you can expect according to the Pet Simulator leaks.

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