Peroxide Trello & Discord links (August 2023)


    Images via [Peroxide] | Roblox Corporation

    We’ve got all of the Peroxide Trello and Discord links right here for you, along with all of the content you can expect to see in the corresponding spaces too.

    Peroxide is a popular Roblox game based on the hit anime Bleach, giving players the opportunity to dive into the world of the Shonen show for plenty of epic battles.

    Thankfully, there is also an abundance of content you’ll be able to enjoy within the game‘s Trello and Discord too to help give you the edge. So, make sure to carry on reading below to see all of the links and content for the Peroxide Trello and Discord.

    Peroxide Trello & Discord links

    Categories on the Peroxide Trello

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    You don’t need to sign up for anything or make an account to access the link, simply follow the link to get all the information you’ll need:

    If it’s the Peroxide Discord link that you’re looking for, then you can also find that here:

    Peroxide Trello & Discord content

    Key art for Peroxide from the game's Roblox page

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    At first, it can be overwhelming when you first load up the Peroxide Trello board and Discord Server. We’ve decided to help you out by listing the most important bits of information you should take.

    The Trello board and Discord server contain the following information:

    • Game info
    • Soul Reaper progression
    • List of Shikai Moves
    • List of Bankai Movies
    • Hollow Progression
    • List of Resurrection Moves
    • FAQ
    • Announcements
    • Update log
    • Rules
    • Content
    • Polls
    • Active giveaway

    To access these topics, just click on the Trello tabs to expand them, or flick through the various Discord channels on the server. There will usually be content and added information in the expanded view of the topics as well as other links leading to pages with useful information.

    The Trello board and Discord server are especially effective for games that deal with trading or special events. If you play multiple Roblox games, you can use the Trello board to quickly check for any current events, so you don’t miss out on timed event rewards.

    That’s all you need to know about the Peroxide Trello and Discord, giving you access to both the links alongside all of the content you can expect to find.

    For even more Roblox guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.


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