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    Time Relics are one of the more important resource to stack up on in Peroxide. Time Relics buy Reiatsu Gems, and Reiatsu Gems give boosts that can’t be replicated elsewhere in the game. There is only one way for players to get Time Relics, though, and it’s not an easy grind. It’s important for players to know how to grind Time Relics so that they can get better gems.

    How can players get Time Relics in Peroxide – Roblox?

    Time Relics come in the form of drops from Time Bubble Raids. These raids respawn every 30-45 minutes. Once a raid appears (shown by a huge beam shooting at the ground), players only have five minutes to team up and start the Raid before it disappears.

    Once the main character gets strong enough, I would do these Raids just about every time they pop up. This is because the Time Relics are so rare, that it’s better to hoard them and save them until they are needed.

    The Time Bubbles spawn one of three bosses: Aizen, Ulquiorra, or a Storm Wave. After defeating these, Time Relics are guaranteed to spawn, but the number of relics dropped can be random.

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    How to use Time Relics in Peroxide – Roblox

    In order to actually use the Time Relics, players will need to talk to the Shady Shinigami. This NPC is located in the ASR Cafe. He will give one Reiatsu Gem for 10 Time Relics and 50$. The catch is that the Gem which he gives is completely random; players cannot purchase a specific Reiatsu Gem.

    We have a guide here on all Reiatsu Gems and how rare they are. Even the common ones, though, provide some pretty valuable buffs that synergize with a lot of various builds.

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