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    After becoming a Quincy, you’ll have a long way to go to level up as much as possible and earn all your special abiltiies and unlock your true potential. If you aren’t sure where to get started, we can help you get started leveling up and earning your abilities as quickly as possible. Plus, if you’re wondering what you expect as a Quincy, we have lists of all Clans and Abilities for them as well. Keep reading below!

    Quincy Progression and Abilities Guide in Peroxide

    Just like all the races in the game, the Quincies have a lot of special abilities and clans that offer various effects. We have all the details you need to know about how to progress as Quincy and what class and abilities you can obtain along the way.

    All Quincy Clans in Peroxide

    Clans are an important part of who you are as each race as well because they provide different stat bonuses. You get this upon transformation to the race that you are, and each one is divided into different rarities, with the better rarity having better stats. Take a look at all of them below:

    • Common (89%):
      • Lloyd – 5 Reiatsu
      • Fahriel – 5 Strength
    • Rare (9%):
      • Haschwalth – 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 20% Spirit multiplier (1.2x)
      • Valkyrie – 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x), 20% Strength multiplier (1.2x)
      • Parnkgjas – 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 20% Reiatsu multiplier (1.2x)
      • Barro – 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)
    • Legendary (2%):
      • Yhwach – 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), 13% Vitality multiplier (1.13x), 10% better Reiatsu Regen (1.1x), 12% better Health Regen (1.12x)
      • Ishida – 15% Spirit multiplier (1.15x), 10% Vitality multiplier (1.1x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), 10% better Health Regen (1.1x)

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    How to reroll Clans in Peroxide

    If you want to retry for a better Clan, you can always reroll your clan in a few different ways.

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    The easiest way would be to open the R$ menu at the top of the screen and use R$100 to reroll for a different random one. This method will cost you some Robux and doesn’t always guarantee you will get a different or better Clan.

    You can also get a reroll with the in-game currency Product Essence. To do this, head to Kisuke at his shop in the City. You can find him quickly by using your tracking reiatsu ability in your toolbar and following the yellow Yen icon. Speak to Kisuke to see his shop and press the General tab to find the option for Clan Reroll for one Product Essence. Then you can reroll in the R$ menu.

    All Quincy Abilities in Peroxide

    Quincies have a couple of ability types that they obtain as they progress through the game. Just like the Clans, each ability has a different moveset that you get by chance, and each is a different rarity. You can reroll them just like Clans by using Robux in the R$ menu. Take a look at all the abilities and movesets below:


    Schrift is used by filling up the bar on the left of the screen and pressing G.

    • Common (79%):
      • Duality – Uses ink to boost damage output and increase range in AoE attack.
      • Odyssey – Use wormholes to teleport at lightspeed toward your opponent and occasionally knock them up into the air.
    • Rare (20%):
      • Apocalypse – Utilizes poison arrows to create a fog of poison and knocks back the opponent with shockwave and dash abilities.
      • Eidolon – Uses a Dark Phantom to draw opponents toward you and create an AoE that drains their health and absorbs it to you.
    • Legendary (1%):
      • Forest – Summon a giant Forest Snack that will launch opponents back, slam down on them, and even cause them to explode.
      • Oasis – Allows you to shoot out arrows with burst damage or complete speedy consecutive hits of watery fury.


    Voltstanding is an ability you get later on in your progression and is used hand-in-hand with Schrift. While the movesets are named the same, they offer different effects. They can also improve your base stats:

    • Buffs Strenght by 20% (1.2x)
    • Buffs Spirit by 30% (1.3x)
    • Buffs Vitality by 25% (1.25x)

    Volstanding is used with G when Schrift is equipped, and your bar is filled completely. Take a look at all the movesets below:

    • Common (79%):
      • Duality – “Form one ball made of light particles, and another made of pure darkness and combine them to send an intense singularity of balance down a lane infront of you.”
      • Odyssey – “Dash forward in a flash and grab your target by the skull then go flying upwards with them, then at the peak slam them down towards the ground at a devastating speed.”
    • Rare (20%):
      • Apocalypse – “Summon a black scythe made of pure despair and slice forth. If the enemy hit is below 20% HP, the attack will automatically execute them.”
      • Eidolon – “Form an arrow made of pure fear and impale it into your enemy upon countering them, afterward use the skill again to detonate the arrow creating a pillar of fright.”
    • Legendary (1%):
      • Forest – “Use the power of the forest snake to send a fiery kick down on your opponents.
      • Oasis – “Open the floodgates of the hidden paradise upon the battlefield, creating a waterpark of mass eradication and blocking your opponent inside it.”

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    Quincy Leveling Guide in Peroxide

    If you’re confused about where to start as Quincy, we have a quick overview of how you can quickly level up and progress so you can gain your abilities in no time.

    Level 1-15

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    After your speak to Gunther and become a Quincy, you’ll need to start with the basics. The best way to gain levels fast and progress to the next steps as Quincy is to head to job boards found around The City. You can find it quickly by using your Reiatsu ability in your toolbar and following the board icons that appear on the screen.

    Click on any of the jobs on the board to accept them. Each one will have a timer showing you how long you have to complete it and occasionally a quest tracker to locate them more easily. Each one will provide some XP and Yen upon completion.

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    Once you earn 50 Yen, you can use your tracking ability again to head to the Gym, displayed by the red arrow icon. Speak to the bouncer outside to purchase a membership for 50 Yen, and then head inside and use the workout equipment to train your stats more quickly.

    Level 15-90

    Once you reach level 15, you can now work on earning your Schrift ability. To do this, use your special Quincy ability in your toolbar to teleport to Wandenreich.

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    Head to the first shop just inside the castle walls. Here you will see the General hanging from the ceiling.

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    You’ll need to have 150 Yen saved up and then purchase the Bounty Medallion. This Medallion will trigger the Hunt when used, allowing you to track down Soul Reapers or Hollows and kill them to earn XP. You’ll need to complete the Hunt to earn Schrift.

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    Once you complete the Hunt, head to the very top of the castle and talk to Yhwach on his throne. You will need to ask him if you are worthy to obtain Schrift. It is a 30% chance of obtainment, but it will increase by 10% each time you don’t get it.

    Once you get Schrift, you’ll need to work on grinding levels as much as possible to continue to progress. I would recommend continuing to do bounties and complete raids and invasions as much as possible to earn levels as quickly as possible. You can also earn Schrift by chance by completing invasions.

    Level 90-Max

    Once you reach Level 90, you can work toward receiving your final ability, Voltstanding. This will require much more than the last quest and has certain requirements you must meet ahead of time:

    • Be level 90
    • Have 420 Points

    Once you reach level 85, you will start earning special points required to face the boss, which gives you Volstanding. You can earn points multiple different ways:

    • Successfully completing a Time gate gives 75 points.
    • Time Bubbles (Bosses) gives 1 point per % of bosses hp dealt.
    • Each Storm vastocar gives 10 points if you did majority of the damage
    • Invasions give points only if you are above level 80
    • 5 Points for “Steal an Object”, 12 for “Slaughter Guards” and 22 for “Kill a Leader”.
    • Each Npc grip you get during an Incursion rewards you with 6 Points.

    Once you have enoguh points, you can head back to Yhwach at the Quincy Castle and he will tell you where to find his minion, the Voltstanding Boss. Follow. the quest to the boss location and you’ll need to defeat him in two different phases to earn the Volstanding ability.

    Once you have Volstanding, it’s just a matter of continuing to complete invasions, bounties, and raids, leveling the skills you have and rerolling to get better rarities as you make it to max level. This doesn’t mean your journey is over, however, the level cap could continue to raise as the game is updated, so you’ll have more work to do in the future.

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