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    Peroxide gives a lot of tools to players who are trying to really push the power level of their character. Limit Break is one of the best tools any player can have, regardless of clan. This special technique provides a stat reset that may result in their character getting some nutty stats. Gamers are definitely going to want to know how to get the most value out of this ability.

    How to charge Limit Break in Peroxide – Roblox

    Charging Limit Break comes down to one thing in Peroxide: killing enemies. As a player defeats enemies, their stats will increase, represented by the yellow bar that’s shown when a player levels up in a particular grade. Once it reaches maximum, the character will be ready to Limit Break. The character will also start to glow when their Limit Break is online.

    To reach Limit Break quickly, a good idea is to farm some of the tougher enemies like Hollows and Menos. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of kills on these enemies to get a full yellow bar.

    What is Limit Break in Peroxide – Roblox?

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    When the Limit Break is charged up, players simply need to hit the G button to activate it. If done correctly, players should see purple sparkles floating around their character. This means that their stats have been successfully reset. Now, the player is free to grind the next rank, and their stats will simply get higher and higher.

    Some of the harder content in Peroxide can’t be done until the character has reached a certain letter grade. I would personally suggest going for a Limit Break if a piece of content looks too tough to clear normally.

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