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    Hollow is easily one of the coolest paths to go down in Peroxide. This path gives players access to some busted classes like Adjucha and even Vasta Lorde. Getting there is no walk in the park, though. Players are going to need to be able to eliminate enemies quickly, especially for one viscously difficult part of the Hollow progression.

    How to progress through Hollow in Peroxide – Roblox

    The easiest part of going through Hollow in Peroxide is simply becoming a Hollow. All players need to do is die. After dying, players can press the G button to detach themselves from their soul chain and voila: a Hollow is born!

    The next step down this progression line is to become a Red Eye Hollow. This is done by leveling up to 20. Definitely use this time to understand the combat of the game, because afterwards, players will really need their combat to be on point to progress.

    Once this point is reached, kill another Hollow. It’s important that players win this fight, because they start all over again. After killing the other Hollow, players become a Gillian, and they have a couple options they can pick to progress through:

    • Menos: press G to remove the mask
    • Adjucas: defeat 30 Hollows in combat and survive for 30 min.
    • Adjuchar: press G to remove the mask while being an Adjucas

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    After this part, players should be ready for the final step: becoming a Vasto Lorde. This is without a doubt the hardest part of the progression. In order to reach Vasto Lorde, the player need to gain 1,700 Hollow XP.

    Now, while that does sound like a gargantuan task (trust me, it is), it’s not as bad as it looks. First of all, every Hollow that the player kills prior to this point counts to the 1,700 XP. Secondly, different Hollows give different amounts of XP after being defeated. The breakdown for which Hollows give which amounts of XP are as follows:

    • Normal Hollow gives 1 XP
    • Red Eye Hollow gives 3 XP
    • Menos and Gillian give 5 XP
    • Ancient Menos and Ancient Gillian give 12 XP
    • Adjuchas give 10 XP
    • Ancient Adjuchas give 25 XP
    • Vasto Lordes give 50 XP
    • Ancient Vasto Lordes give 75 XP
    • Storm Arrancars give 100 XP
    • Eating dead Hollow bodies give 1 XP regardless

    The thing that makes this part of the game super hard is, when the player dies, they lose 60 XP. For that reason, I highly recommend not fighting any enemy that looks too difficult. Vasto Lordes and Storm Arrancars look like good targets, but a player can just as easily reach Vasto Lorde by grinding Menos. Players can also talk to the Shady Arrancar to check Hollow Kill Progress.

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