PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)

Do your melees just too weak to be of any use?
Have you ever wish your melees could be any stronger?
Got sick and tired of using the same boring Ice Pick and Shinsakuto Katana all the time?

Well this PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS) guide is is only gonna solve one of your problems, so too bad.

The guide is trying to explain how do you use melee optimally on a non Melee deck.

And also how much does Overdog contribute to Melee damage as a whole, and which melees are fast enough to proc specifically Sociopath’s Overdog without being entirely useless.

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Using Melees on DS

A lot of build setups on DS lean towards improving DPS for their guns or improve survivability. Melee when used as a Main weapon is just not viable.

-When cops have no damage falloff, You really shouldn’t run 10 meters just to get rid of one cop when 11 others are ripping away your organ system separately.

-Bloodthirst makes up a large portion of Melee damage, which also means you need to kill to build Bloodthirst as well. Making it the main weapon would have it’s damage handicapped without being able to have any built.

-Electric Brass Knuckles / Buzzer exists, you get to stun them at the cost of nothing.

With all the flaws in mind, What can we do?

Simply put, Melees are best used as a utility weapon to be used as an emergency quick attack on anything in your face Used against Bulldozers. But depending on your build setup, it could either range from somewhat decent chip damage to a One Hit against a Bulldozer.

What you need for making your Melee to be used against Bulldozers

When using Melees against Bulldozers, you would don’t just need Bloodthirst Basic + Pumping Iron from the skill tress, you would need either

This forward will be damage numbers against our test subject, 24k health Bulldozers (Any bulldozer that isn’t the Headless or the Minigun Dozers)

70(450) Melee + Full Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced (Uncharged)
=24k to 22k (2296 Damage)

70(450) Melee + Full Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced (Fully Charged)
=24k to 9.6k (14437 Damage)

70(450) Melee + Full Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced + 40% Berserker (Uncharged)
=24k to roughly 19k (around 5k damage)

70(450) Melee + Full Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced + 40% Berserker (Fully Charged)
=One hit kill

70(450) Melee + Full Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced + Crit Hit (Uncharged)
=24k to 12k (11578 Damage)

70(450) Melee + Full Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced + Crit Hit (Fully Charged)
=One hit kill

How to invest skill points (for Melee)

Setup that uses Berserker

PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)

Frenzy Basic or Aced depends on your setup, you’re only here for the 40%, you might not even need Frenzy to begin with if you’re using Molotovs to reduce your own health like in an Anarchist Setup

Setup that uses Crits

PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)
PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)

Keep in mind It depends whether you want your Melee to have 30% Crit or 65% Crit

Setup that uses Crits but has high Detection Risk

PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)

PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)

I personally would bring Unseen Strike Aced to keep the uptime for the Crit longer, take off Aced for Basic if you prefer to spend it on something else

Or just both lmao (Recommended for Anarchist and Armorer)

PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)
PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS)

Switch to Unseen Strike Aced and HVT Aced instead if you’re running high Detection Risk setups like ICTV


Overdog makes your second hit of any melee weapon deal 10x of your Melee damage added with Bloodthirst stack and Berserker percentage. (Crit hits only apply to the hit with the crit, Overdog only scales with Bloodthirst and Berserker if it’s present as well. It would mean Crit hits are less consistent but deals a bigger burst of damage while Berserker is always consistent and helps with the overall damage.)

Overdog acts really similar to how Trigger Happy functions, a hit will give you a buff for said weapons.But it also means using a charged attack doesn’t boost your next Overdog hit, But with Infiltrator you get to have an Overdog with Charged because of the 7s Duration it has.

Overdog only applies to 2 Perk decks in the game, Infiltrator and Sociopath. Which I’m certain not everyone would be running them full time unless you’re really dedicated.

Overdog can outright replace the need for your melee to use either Crit or Berserker, Though is recommended to have them on hand to boost your primary and secondary’s overall DPS or when you are in a situation where you don’t have much Bloodthirst to more likely ensure kills against dozers.

What types of melees to bring

There are generally multiple melee damage types which include:
-70(450) (Highest damage melees)
-40(250) (Regular Comically Large Spoon)
-30(90) (Melees with 150(270) Knockdown)
-30 (Weapon Butt)
-20(40) (Melees with 200(400) Knockdown)
-20 (Tasers)

When using a Melee weapon You would want something fast and deal high damage at the same time. Which is why the Ice Pick and the Katana are the top picks for melee weapons and the El Verdugo for anyone who doesn’t own either DLCs.

When it comes to Sociopath and Infiltrator, Same rules still applies here. But with Overdog now contributing to your damage, This means the Shank melees (Melees like Nova Shank) becomes surprisingly viable despite their low damage which is made up by their Attack Speed.

Before subjecting myself to testing almost every melee weapon to Sociopath Overdog

Infiltrator’s Overdog lasts for 7s awhile Sociopath’s Overdog lasts only 1 second. Since I don’t expect way more Infiltrator players running around than Sociopath, I’m gonna test every melee that Sociopath can proc with Overdog.

My test subjects will be against 24k Health Dozers (Any bulldozer that isn’t the Headless or the Minigun Dozer)
Awhile also only using uncharged swings and full Bloodthirst to calculate the amount of swings to kill a Bulldozer.

I will be using these skills which are the only ones that affect Damage output without considering Berserker or Crits.

Also keep in mind that I don’t own every DLC out there which in turn means I don’t own every melee, so the only option I go through is looking at the unlisted stats which are shown on the wiki.

I don’t own the following DLCs, so any melee weapons that come from them might be innaccurate.
-Alesso Heist
-Wolf Pack
-Point Break Heists
-San Martin Bank Heist
-Sokol Character Pack
-H3H3 Character Pack
-Butcher’s Western Pack
-Goat Simulator Heist
-Hotline Miami
-John Wick Heists

The Meta

Every Melee here is practically endorsed by the community. Melee weapons that are both fast and turn enemies into blood fountains. Or melees that have both factors but aren’t used as much.

-Shinsakuto Katana
-Ice Pick
-El Verdugo
-Pounder Nail Gun

Not fast enough for Overdog but compensates 70(450) Damage

Melee weapons that are just not fast enough for Overdog. Recommend using with Infiltrator or a setup that can use Berserker like Anarchist or Armorer. (All melees here are 70(450) damage)

Fast but Not fast enough

Sociopath’s Overdog can’t help it, but still pretty fast for what it is.

Comically Large Spoon of Gold sits at as king for this segment, having the lowest Charge time. The regular Comically Large Spoon awhile Inferior still does a decent chunk with Berserker added on for 16k damage.

-The Spear of Freedom
-Great Sword
-Lumber Lite L2
-Shepherd’s Cane

The Motorwagen is faster than you

Melees from this tier are just way too slow, keep in mind you could just be bashed in the face before you even land.

-Bearded Axe
-Great Sword
-Two Handed Great Ruler
-Chain Whip

Not best but pretty decent Melees

Weapons that just aren’t the Katana or the Ice Pick, but their attack speed is pretty poggers. Just don’t miss. Most melees here will take 4 Hits to take out a Dozer.


Melees are pretty fast themselves. But if they die by poison, you get to save your Bloodthirst Charge (Also means you don’t get Bloodthirst Aced if you’re running it).
-Stainless Steel Syringe (slightly slower but still can Overdog)

Shank Melees

have some of the fastest attack speed you can ask for. Kunai is a shank melee as well but it gets poison.
-Nova Shank
-The Pen
-Trench Knife
-Diving Knife


Not as fast as the Shank melees or as strong, but still can serve with the melee.

Kazaguruma is relatively fast at 0.4s of attack rate, there are still melees faster at a rate of 0.36s

-Alabama Razor
-350K Brass Knuckles
-Psycho Knife
-OVERKILL Boxing Gloves (Decent enough for you to do the Achievement)
-Telescopic Baton
-Dragan’s Cleaver Knife
-Money Bundle
-Survival Tomahawk
-Utility Machete
-URSA Knife
-Empty Palm Kata
-Okinawan Style Sai
-Scout Knife
-Shawn’s Shears
-Cleaver Knife
-Berger Combat Knife
-Krieger Blade
-Trautman Knife
-Specialist Knives
-Croupier’s Rake
-Push Daggers
-Compact Hatchet
-Knuckle Daggers
-K.L.A.S. Shovel
-Hockey Stick
-El Ritmo
-Scalper Tomahawk
-Classic Baton

Not optimal

Melees here aren’t that good compared to all the melees we have went over so far, But it still passes to be fast enough for Overdog and kills in 5 hits.

-Ursa Tanto Knife
-Bayonet Knife
-Morning Star
-X-46 Knife
-Leather Sap

The Tasers
Yes, you can electrocute bulldozers to death. 
-Electric Brass Knuckles

Inconsistent melees

“So are melees in this tier fast enough to hit Overdog or not”

The answer is both

The melees here seem to be able to achieve Overdog – yet even if you spam it at a Bulldozer, you would miss the Overdog at times. I’m not exactly sure why.

Bolt Cutters, Poker, and the Buckler Shield despite still in this tier are still able to hit Overdog damage more often awhile still getting non overdog hits.

-Carpenter’s Delight
-Monkey Wrench
-Swagger Stick
-Clover´s Shillelagh
-Rivertown Glen Bottle
-Potato Masher


Melee weapons that are just bad, using it makes you want to just ditch them entirely and set it on fire. Their lack of speed can’t allow them to get Sociopath’s Overdog, I wouldn’t even suggest using it with Infiltrator’s Overdog to compensate their speed and their damage doesn’t help either.

-Ding Dong Breaching Tool
-Alpha Mauler
-Lucille Baseball Bat
-50 Blessings Briefcase
-Wing Butterfly Knife
-Hotline 8000X
-Baseball Bat

Unconfirmed melees (Me brokey)

I don’t own the DLCs and their unlisted stats doesn’t seem to line up with other melees, I would request for assistance when I have the time.

-Arkansas Toothpick
-You’re Mine
-Microphone Stand
-Metal Detector
-Gold Fever


Melee requires specific setups to be good on DS and at most, it would make it a really good Utility. Even with that said, investing into improving your overall DPS for your Primary and Secondary or survivability would be a way better choice.

But not all setups have to be Stoic or Anarchist. As long you’re having fun with any setup and if it does work on DS, Just enjoy it. Not like there is anyone out there calling the cops on you just because you prefer a playstyle. (Totally not bias towards Melee decks)

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love PAYDAY 2 Melee Weapons On Death Sentence (DS) guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Camera Man. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.